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Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Source of "The Conspiracy..."

I posted some links to Sandy Hook conspiracy the other day.

Here is a good source at the bottom of much of it:

I think there is a lot of rubbish being posted but I think that there are some serious questions posited by this blog that people should read.

There are a number of interesting low level sources of information as well, for example, audio logs of the police traffic during the event, raw videos of various events, and so on.

Most of the commentary is nutty or wrong but the raw material is interesting.

There are definitely links to video and other sources that have been changed, deleted or edited in some way.

Perhaps the most troubling element in all this is video of the father of one of the victims who comes out before he thinks the camera's are rolling laughing and joking and then, seen on the cellphone video, "goes into character:" begins weeping and crying, and then gives his official speech.

Here's one - Google for more yourself...

There are better videos that show the whole sequence of events.

You can read about the other side of the story, i.e., non-conspiracy, here at - but a good way's down they list a paragraph with lot of issues but simply offer no real explanations to the issue listed.

Isn't conspiracy fun?

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