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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Another Note from Putin...!!!

My recent blog post solicited another email from Putin (!?).  I am not sure what to say...

Regards Mr. Wolf -

We recently reviewed your blog regarding Mrs. Jill Stein and have seen many of your US news on Russian hacking and how it is involved in the most recent US election.

I have to say that we were quite taken by surprise by what we saw!

Indeed I am familiar with Kali Linux and the use of KDE and, in my time, have hacked many US computers.   I am rather a big fan of you Mr. Robot.  I have not recently participated in any actions against the US regarding your elections has I have had other priorities.

We are quite surprised that a country supporting Mr. Bernie Sanders as strongly as yours, who is quite the Eugene Debs [I did not know who Debs was, link here for some basic info about Debs and Bernie] supporter for many years, would have a concern with involvement with today's Russia.

As you know I am quite fond of Communist views as I have spoken on in recent speeches.

In Russia we have moved forward from this because the old Soviet implementation of of communism was not what as effective as possible.

We find it curios that your "left" would resent our current communistic pro-capitalistic model as evil yet embracing Mr. Sander's points of view.

In any situation I am surprised a great deal by these matters!

Thanks you and regards

Indeed I check the header of this email and and its from Russia so it is indeed real!

Jill Stein: Recount Help by Russian Hacking...

"Hillary, dear, what's your password...?"
So it seems clear that someone hacked the DNC.

Let's imagine, for the moment, it was Russia.

Now from what I have seen none of the hacked emails or other information was specific to Trump.  Indeed it was about what the Clinton campaign (including Podesta, Pizza, et all) was doing or not doing.

This is not new news.  For example, see this Washington Times article, were Obama says "...[he] doesn’t want to escalate into a “wild, wild West” cyberwar with Moscow."

No one was concerned at this point (September, 2016) because Hillary, by all polls, was double digits ahead.

We find out now that the hacking seems directed at everyone (well, perhaps not Jill Stein or Gary Johnson); at least the Republicans were smart enough to run spam filters (unlike Podesta).

(Gee, there's a pattern here: run a server in your bathroom, use email without spam filters, ...  One imagines this is why someone like Steve Pieczenik would not want Hillary as President.)

One also imagines that there wasn't much to go after on the Jill Stein or Gary Johnson servers.

In fact, not hacking those sites probably helped Trump even more than hacking Hillary: Stein and Johnson being more than the difference between Trump and Hillary in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan.

I think it's fair to say the hacking cut into Hillary hard. After all, Hillary's emails where not about Trump.

But this doesn't just lift up Trump, it lifts up Johnson and Stein as well. Johnson got about 3% and Stein 1% of the vote over all.

And, as I wrote last time, Stein used her election "candidacy" to force a Wisconsin recount which garnered more votes for Trump (albeit a few and very expensive more votes).

So exactly what is the "hacking" that helped everyone but Clinton? And what exactly did Putin do?

It's hard to say because according to all sources available no one seems to have actual objective evidence.  The only "evidence" is a "story" from "unidentified sources."

Equally (in)credible sources say things like the CIA Washington Post story is an "outright lie."

So what do you believe?

I'm not sure but perhaps Mr. Putin will weigh in as he did on the Jill Stein recount...?

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov also said: "I was astonished when I saw it [the story about hacking]. I think, this is nothing but nonsense, there is not a chance that anybody could believe that."

Perhaps Mr. Hotz (as I wrote about several hears ago) has flown to Russia along with Steven Segal to personally assist Putin with his Linux scripting...?

Perhaps Putin is really Guccifer 2.0???

Perhaps Julian Assange is lying when he said Russia is not the source of the leaked emails.

Oh, and by the way, this little known fact might have something to do with all this (according to the Assange link above): "The Washington Post’s owner, Jeff Bezos’s, also has contracts with the CIA worth $600 million, more than double what he paid for the Post."

I'll just sit here and wait for Putin to email me...

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Jill Stein: Buying Trump Votes at $26,700 Each...

So Jill Stein bought about 131 more Wisconsin votes for Trump at a cost of around $26,700 US dollars each (some sources say as many as162 more Trump votes but that really doesn't change much).


I bet Trump didn't spend nearly this much on getting votes (nor even Hillary spending billions for 62 million votes at what, $20/vote).

I wonder if those "donating" to Jill's campaign got their money's worth?

The remaining states (and Fed's) granted Jill bupkis.  The scathing decision is here

She lost her court cases everywhere else save for Wisconsin which billed her foolish followers a neat $3.5 million.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Jill Stein: Michigan House Approves Stricter Voter ID

From the land of unintended consequences:

Apparently Jill hasn't figured out that the first step in having an accurate vote count means actually ensuring the voters who vote are actually allowed to vote (because, Jill, if people vote that aren't allowed to vote that's just as much a problem as evil election officials hiding ballots).

To wit: Strict Voter ID Law Approved in Michigan House

There there is this.  I post it here without comment:

Ami Horowitz: How White Liberals Really View Black Voters

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Just Got a Note from Putin!!!

Just go a note from Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation.

Dear Lone Wolf - 

I have personally appreciated your many posts over this last, long decade.  As you know we here in the Russian Federation are fond of the follies of the west which your blog characterizes quite nicely.  We have gotten quite a nice chuckle from Mrs. Jill Stein of your "Green" party.

Indeed, as you said, I did vote in California during the last US election.

It was quite simple really, I traveled clandestinely to Mexico, and crossed the border near Mexicali.  I voted somewhere near Calexico, CA.

I was able to register by mail through an intermediary well before the election deadline as required by the state.

As to Mr. Trump, he, like me, is at the top of the, as you say, food chain, and so is worthy of respect.  I find it quite humorous that your western "press" would think a man such as Mr. Trump would be influenced by me or that I would bother to interfere with your elections.  Really there is no need as your liberals are destroying your country much more effectively than I ever could.  Mr. Trump will no doubt "step up the game" as you say.

I am quite certain Mr. Trump understands power and how to use it and I am looking forward working with him.

Oh, and keep up the good work on vaping!   Like you, many of my associates and family have stopped smoking with electronic cigarette devices.  Sadly your Mr. Obama does not see the light regarding this matter but please feel free to vape openly if you are even in my country, because, as you know, vaping is not illegal here.



What can I say!

What an honor!

He even sent a long a selfie of his ballot and asked I forward it to Nancy Pelosi and President Obama as a thank you for having such liberal voting laws.

As you can see from the map below my blog is quite popular in the Russian Federation.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Jill Stein: Pennsylvania a 'National Disgrace'

From the Jill Stein Federal Lawsuit in Pennsylvania, filed today (underlines my own):


1. The Pennsylvania election system is a national disgrace. Voters are forced to use vulnerable, hackable, antiquated technology banned in other states, then rely on the kindness of machines. There is no paper trail. Voting machines are electoral black sites: no one permits voters or candidates to examine them.

2. After election day, voters are equally helpless to make sure their votes are counted. The Election Code requires 27,474 voters in 9,158 districts to bring notarized petitions to county boards, in time for shifting, divergent, and secret deadlines known to no one except,  perhaps, 67 separate county election boards. In court recounts, voters must pay exorbitant fees, and (according to boards of elections) should only one voter fail to sign a single petition in a single district anywhere in the State, no one can seek a recount anywhere. 

3. This labyrinthine, incomprehensible, and impossibly burdensome election regime might make Kafka proud. But for ordinary voters, it is a disaster. 

4. In the 2016 presidential election, rife with foreign interference documented by American intelligence agencies and hacks of voter rolls in multiple states, voters deserve the truth. Were Pennsylvania votes counted accurately? That truth is not difficult to learn: simply count the paper ballots in optical scan districts, and permit forensic examination of the electronic voting systems in DRE districts. This can be done in days, by top experts, if necessary at the Stein campaign’s expense, under the supervision of election officials, and without endangering a single vote. 

5. A majority of machines voted for Donald Trump in Pennsylvania. But who did the people vote for? Absent this Court’s intervention, Pennsylvanians will never know that truth."

There is not much you can say about this...

For example, Jill, what about paper ballots...?

I can hack them by having trunk-fulls of "votes" in my car and, in states like California that ban the type of machines Pennsylvania uses, no one checks if you allowed to vote.

Here in PA, Jill, I have to present my photo ID - and they write my name in some sort of book or log so that everyone knows I voted.

Some of Jill's "Factual Allegations:"


15. Thirty-five other states require that DRE machines leave a paper trail that voters can check and verify before their votes are recorded. Yet DRE machines in Pennsylvania do not leave a paper trail accessible to voters or to anyone else. Voters touch boxes on a screen, get no  paper confirmation of their vote, and hope their votes were counted accurately.

16. A minority of counties in Pennsylvania use optical scan machines to count the  paper ballots of voters. 

17. Experts have repeatedly documented in peer-reviewed and state-sponsored research that both DRE and optical scan machines, which are essentially computers with reprogrammable software, have serious cyber security problems. In just a few seconds, anyone can install vote-stealing malware on a voting machine that silently alters the electronic records of every vote.

Absent a thorough, sophisticated forensic examination by computer experts, it is not possible to determine the absence of malicious software hiding within many thousands of lines of legitimate software code.

18. Whether voting machines are connected to the Internet is irrelevant. Sophisticated attackers such as nation-states have a developed a variety of techniques to attack non-Internet-connected systems. In addition, DRE machines contain software and removable media that come from central county election management systems, which are connected to the Internet. For a sophisticated party, hacking these voting machines is child’s play."

In point of fact no one can tell if any election is "fair" or "accurate."  There are plenty of cases of election fraud, voter fraud, individuals terminated for not taking their election jobs seriously.

Unfortunately Jill, human beings run the states, the state governments, the county governments, etc.  They are bound by laws that we, the voters of Pennsylvania, have elected.

Perhaps we are all not as smart as you or your alien hackers, but we all try and follow the law and do the best we can.

We try and be honest and fair.

I would find it very hard to believe that anyone involved in Pennsylvania elections, er, well, at least this side of Philly where Hillary and the Democrats always win, is doing anything unfair.

So the rest is a long read that basically points out how Pennsylvania election laws make it hard for Jill to steal Pennsylvanian's votes.  And since Jill doesn't have enough money to put up a bond for the recount she wants to discard our rights as citizens of Pennsylvania.

Here is what she says:

"100. Acting under color of state law, Defendants, by the above, are maintaining and implementing a system of voting that denies Pennsylvania voters the right to vote. 

101. Defendants, acting under color of state law, have deprived and severely burdened and threatened to deprive and severely burden Pennsylvania voters, including Plaintiff Randall Reitz, of their fundamental right to vote. The state’s interest does not justify that severe burden."

We are "deprived ... of our right to vote."

What Jill meant is that we are "deprived ... of our right to vote for someone who Jill stole the election from, namely Hillary."

Don't worry, here in Pennsylvania our government is also depriving us of our Fourteenth and First Amendment rights as well (our Due Process and Free Speech rights...?)

In any case Jill is obviously insane.

Being familiar with this sort of thing its clear some rambling, psychopathic loon made up a bunch of stuff and a lawyer tried to make it into a legal case.

Here in Pennsylvania we already have the right to vote, no one, as far as I can see, is objecting to the technology, and we voted just as we are supposed to using the laws we as Pennsylvania got from electors we voted for.

But Jill wants to take our self determination away and replace it with, guess what, Jill's idea of what voting technology should be.

Does she promise that the new systems will not get hacked?

Nope (not that she could tell).

Nope, she just wants to take our rights away so Hillary can win and Jill doesn't have to feel guilty that her 1% of votes made Hillary's campaign fail.

P.S. - Jill, Putin already voted Republican - he came in through the Mexican border and voted in San Diego - since no snowflake watches the news no one recognized him...  Does his vote count?

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Jill Stein: Judge for Yourself...

Sadly the original video disappeared.

Here's a replacement (see hear speak at 23:48):

What actually happened:

Original Video...