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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Another Note from Putin...!!!

My recent blog post solicited another email from Putin (!?).  I am not sure what to say...

Regards Mr. Wolf -

We recently reviewed your blog regarding Mrs. Jill Stein and have seen many of your US news on Russian hacking and how it is involved in the most recent US election.

I have to say that we were quite taken by surprise by what we saw!

Indeed I am familiar with Kali Linux and the use of KDE and, in my time, have hacked many US computers.   I am rather a big fan of you Mr. Robot.  I have not recently participated in any actions against the US regarding your elections has I have had other priorities.

We are quite surprised that a country supporting Mr. Bernie Sanders as strongly as yours, who is quite the Eugene Debs [I did not know who Debs was, link here for some basic info about Debs and Bernie] supporter for many years, would have a concern with involvement with today's Russia.

As you know I am quite fond of Communist views as I have spoken on in recent speeches.

In Russia we have moved forward from this because the old Soviet implementation of of communism was not what as effective as possible.

We find it curios that your "left" would resent our current communistic pro-capitalistic model as evil yet embracing Mr. Sander's points of view.

In any situation I am surprised a great deal by these matters!

Thanks you and regards

Indeed I check the header of this email and and its from Russia so it is indeed real!

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