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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Just Got a Note from Putin!!!

Just go a note from Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation.

Dear Lone Wolf - 

I have personally appreciated your many posts over this last, long decade.  As you know we here in the Russian Federation are fond of the follies of the west which your blog characterizes quite nicely.  We have gotten quite a nice chuckle from Mrs. Jill Stein of your "Green" party.

Indeed, as you said, I did vote in California during the last US election.

It was quite simple really, I traveled clandestinely to Mexico, and crossed the border near Mexicali.  I voted somewhere near Calexico, CA.

I was able to register by mail through an intermediary well before the election deadline as required by the state.

As to Mr. Trump, he, like me, is at the top of the, as you say, food chain, and so is worthy of respect.  I find it quite humorous that your western "press" would think a man such as Mr. Trump would be influenced by me or that I would bother to interfere with your elections.  Really there is no need as your liberals are destroying your country much more effectively than I ever could.  Mr. Trump will no doubt "step up the game" as you say.

I am quite certain Mr. Trump understands power and how to use it and I am looking forward working with him.

Oh, and keep up the good work on vaping!   Like you, many of my associates and family have stopped smoking with electronic cigarette devices.  Sadly your Mr. Obama does not see the light regarding this matter but please feel free to vape openly if you are even in my country, because, as you know, vaping is not illegal here.



What can I say!

What an honor!

He even sent a long a selfie of his ballot and asked I forward it to Nancy Pelosi and President Obama as a thank you for having such liberal voting laws.

As you can see from the map below my blog is quite popular in the Russian Federation.

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