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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Federal Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act - Looking Into What's In Your Food = Terrorism

"Obesity" from the ABC News article.
Part of the obesity problem we face in this country I think has little to do with "moving" and "not playing video games." It also only partially to do with too much soda and junk food.  In particular you might want to read this piece from "Food Safety News" on the production of chicken in the US.

(Note that there is a lot of "conspiracy" involved in this as well - see this ABC news article on how "big food" pays industry and academia to poke holes in the consensus about how bad modern food is for people.)

The Food Safety article starts by talking about a movie called "45 Days" that describes the life of a broiler chicken at a typical US chicken farm.

This movie, made ten years ago, describes how chickens are raised on these farms:

- Each of the 25,000 chickens has approximately 8" x 11" of space.

- The cage is not cleaned during their entire life, nor is there enough room for the birds to move.

- 3% of the birds die before the 45 days is up.

- Birds are given growth hormones and antibiotics.

And this was ten years ago.

You don't hear much about this today, not because things have changed or gotten better, but because of laws like Federal Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act and the Animal Facilities Protection Act.

These laws make taking pictures (without permission of course) inside an "animal farm" a federal terrorism felony.  Ditto for pretending to want a job at such a facility in order to obtain such images.

What might you find inside such a facility if you looked?

According to Wired (summary from here) we might find in our chicken
And looking into this makes you a federal "terrorist" according to these laws.

Here is information on the Federal Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act - a law widely supported by the pharmaceutical industry.

And this is just the chicken industry.

The same is true for plants grown on US farms (see this on "Round Up Ready" crops).

The same is true for the pork industry (though I have not researched this in detail).

And similarly for the beef industry.

(See "Food, Inc." a 2008 movie - but only if you have a very strong stomach.)

What does this all mean?


We are killing ourselves with our food.

Killing our own children.

If you like global warming you'll love plotting the rise of the "industrialization of food" against the obesity epidemic (see this as an example).

The epidemic of obesity probably costs us about $150 billion annually in terms of additional medical costs.

And now anyone investigating this is a terrorist under federal law.

Little wonder our country is going down the drain.

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