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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Te'o - Dating in the Modern World...

You have to ask yourself what the world is coming too when an adult man such a Manti Te'o cannot distinguish a real girlfriend from a "fake" girlfriend.

How emotionally detached, as well as desperate, do you have to be to have a relationship with someone you have never met?

Today "dating sites" account for a huge percentage of dates according to this site:

The total number of single people in the U.S. is roughly 54 million of which some 40 million have tried on-line dating.

Some of the more interesting aspects of this: the average courtship on-line for marriages is 18.5 months, 42 months for courtships begun "off line."

Whatever you think about this here is some food for thought: 33% of women have sex on the first online encounter, 53% of on-line site daters date more than one person simultaneously and 10% of all sex offenders use on-line dating to meet "people."

According to the NY Times 81% of people lie on these sites.

I have to believe that on Facebook, where there is far less of semblance of organization, structure or "truth" - whatever that may be - the statistics must look far uglier.  People lying on Facebook - unimaginable!

Now consider that before about 1991 there were no on-line means to meet and date people save for "classifieds" in newspapers or magazines like the "National Enquirer."  Dating this way was mostly relegated to folks like inmates.

My God! How did people manage to find dates?

Its hard to say yet the entire history of humanity proceeded along quite well without artificial means for couples to "find each other."

Basically you simply went along through your life and when you physically met someone (at a family function, school, social activity, shopping, at work) you thought you might like you went on a date or perhaps spoke on the phone.  The function of a dating site might be handled by a brother, sister, parent or relative "matching" you with someone they thought you might "like" - no pun intended.

Everything was done to a large degree "in person."  If you were remote from each other you wrote letters or, if you could afford it, talked on the phone, or, gasp, simply "waited" until you saw the other person again.

There was less in terms of "expectations," i.e., it was hard work to find and meet someone you really liked so there was less "pressure" to go back to the well and "keep searching" for "greener grass."  People worked much harder at their relationship because it was very costly in terms of time, social status, children, etc. to "give up" and start over.

Today I guess that, at least in the case of Te'o, all that was required for an engrossing faux relationship was a simple chat Facebook account.   Apparently the two sweet hearts met, at least according to ABC News, on his Facebook page.

So there you have it: one grainy cell phone picture (probably a lie) talking to another grainy cell phone picture (definitely a lie) using simply text typing miles apart.

No physical presence what-so-ever - Do yo exist?  Are you real?  No common friend to expedite the communications, nothing.

No pheromones helping your brains decide if you like each other or are in fact simply long-lost siblings. (It's a well known fact that physical presence and scent in terms of pheromones helps people make good choices in mates.)

No wonder our society is so screwed up...!!!

Young people unable to conduct a "normal" relationship.

A relationship is an "investment" two people make in a relationship with each other.  If the "value" of the relationship is less than the value you give yourself then it will simply fail.  It has to because its simply not important enough to succeed.

Think about other "investments" you make.  Would you wire your money off to a bank someone told you about on Facebook site unseen? Buy a car or house off craigslist without ever looking at it in person?

Yet somehow people like Te'o do...

The statistics really aren't in your favor as far as dating is concerned given 81% of the people lie.

What's even worse is that this passes for "news" - especially compared to things like the national debt and our countries future.  (And there is so much historical evidence of "failure" in fancy, high-profiles on-line dates: see "Wolf's Reality Test...")

How interesting that no one from the media ever bothered to try and speak with this girl as the story unfolded.  No one checked anything.

Its also little wonder that criminals work hard to create on-line banks and business opportunities.

You know what they say about fools.

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