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Saturday, January 5, 2013

"Editing History" by the US Congress

Photo editing by the state is a well established tool for manipulating public opinion and changing history.  (More history of photo manipulation through history here.)

For example, which photo below is the original of Mary Ann Vecchio  screaming over the fallen body of Jeffery Miller (from this site)?

From World War II Mussolini horse handler is removed

and Hitler removes Joseph Goebbles

 and, finally Stalin:

From the US Civil war:

One might imagine that the adding and removal of people no longer happens but it does.

Below is an image altered by Nancy Pelosi (from this site and from here) to show the female members of Congress:

Is this honest?

Who knows...

What does this say about our leadership as compared to that of others like Hitler, Mussolini or Stalin?

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