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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Giraffe House is Almost Complete...

Some status and news....

After years of preparation we are almost ready for the giraffes!

The new enclosure is coming along nicely as you can see.  Once the heating system is installed they'll be happy year round.

This particular size will work only for a short while (until they reach a height of about 11 feet).  Then I'll need a taller enclosure.  The advantage of this one is that we can simply jack it up and place another 4 foot wall below the bottom.

On the bird front this little fellow showed up drunk on the screen door the other day.

We're not sure what he is, though, but he looks like an immature yellow warbler from what we can tell. (If not yellow warbler a blackburnian warbler.)

And finally from the garden...

Sweet banana and hot Hungarian wax peppers.

After cutting these up and canning them I cleaned my fingers with bleach to ensure that nothing got burned later.

No luck!

I was happily sitting at my keyboard and I rubbed my eye.  It started to burn so I unthinkingly rubbed it more.

Suddenly my whole eye socket was burning.


The chemicals on the peppers weren't removed by the bleach...

Even the next day things still were not right in this department - I went jogging and the sweat ran down, through the hot pepper juice, into my eye again.  Rubbing my eyes made it worse.

On the technical front...

The Mac OS X version of MIDIProbe has been doing well - which surprised me.

There's a big investment in getting set up to create apps, but once you've made it the rest is pretty simple.

The next product is in the pipeline - I am working on audio/MIDI synchronization right now.  Its somewhat tricky because you have to align the sounds made precisely and they cannot drift over time, i.e., an audio loop and a midi loop differing only by a few 100th's of a percent in time will drift out of sync more quickly than you might imagine.

This will also be released in parallel on iPhone/iPad and Mac OS X.

This blog has been active since about 2005 but only kept current since about 2008.  Currently some 3,000 or more folks visit each month.

While its somewhat of a burden to keep up to date (I generally publish posts only one business week days) it gives me a platform to promote what I do.

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