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Monday, July 9, 2012

How Does Your Garden Grow?

The Wolf garden has been frantically busy...  Back in mid June (17th) we were here:

On the right are red beans and purple potatoes.  Center are peppers.  Left are tomatoes.

Left tomatoes, right peppers.

Left of center are onions and far left green beans.

Peas are very far left.  As you can see things started out quite small.

We've had a very dry year this year so a lot of work has been required to keep things well watered.

Today (July 9th) things are far different - only about three weeks:

Right are the red beans, left purple potatoes.

Left are the peppers.

Right the peppers, left the tomatoes.

Right the onions, center beans, far left peas (racks added since the first pictures were taken).

The red beans, first in of the beans, are just starting to flower as are the potatoes (though these flowers and fruit, according to Mrs. Wolf, are deadly because they are members of the family Solanaceae or, more commonly, nightshade).  Peppers will be soon be ready for harvest.  Tomatoes are flowering now or just starting.

The green beans are a few weeks behind the red beans and not ready to flower yet.

Far to the back in both sets of images are vines: squash, zucchini, pumpkins, watermelon, cucumbers, and various gourds.  As always these are attacked by cucumber beetles.  The most effective solution I have found is wrapping aluminum foil around the stems wear they leave the ground.  Sometimes I don't get to them fast enough (the cucumber beetles start out in the ground so they are hard to see) and the plants die or are injured.  We lost several but quick action with the Reynolds Wrap saved the rest.

We'll be replanting some of the damaged one as there's still time to grow full replacements.

We've changed Mugs over to drinking primarily spring water.  As I have mentioned before he's doing very well.  Here's a shot of him at the spring:

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