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Friday, October 1, 2010

Weekend Edition

(Rehash of personal news, events, and miscellaneous nonsense... appended randomly over the course of the weekend.)

Somebody asked me how I find material to write about so reliably.  Personally I think it finds me...

My friend I play with on Tuesday's is looking for more acoustic gigs so I put this poster together and spent some time today running around looking for gigs. I am in another band but he needs the help so I figure I can get him started out with some new venues and do a duo...  eventually he'll fire me again.

For the last four or so years I've had a fan that often screams and cries for a particular Neil Young song - often drinking and staying until the very last song...  Out of the blue the other day she say came to me and said "I've got a new song I want to hear: Orange Sky by Alexi Murdoch" - who knew?

Speaking of Neil Young when he was a kid (according to the DVD "Heart of Gold") this was a favorite song he played over and over on the juke box...

10.23.10 - The Fawn Tavern - Scotty of Rheme Cleo always whips up videos for things - then we found out a big Bulgarian fan site.  So he made a Russian version (not really knowing it was Bulgarian at the time - and not knowing exactly what language they speak - Bulgarian I suppose).

A year ago musically I was doing this (keys) - playing with Terry... it didn't work out - I think for the better.  He wrote "American Dream" and I thought it sounded pretty good so I added the keyboard parts.  I think he went into the studio subsequently and did another version that used to be on the facebook page - it sounded like standard, out of the box, country - but its gone now.

My wife always knows when I get involved with assholes long before I do... that's one of the reasons I love her.

Why am I blogging here?  I found out about this at one point.  It started out with this woman blogging about some crappy boss and then the boss found the blog...  Now it (the blog) is her life's work.

I am always interested in what really makes something what it is: for example, a soccer mom.

Soccer Mom by ~just-got-lucky on deviantART
I worked real hard to grind those two words down to their true meaning.  It helps if I can see some sort of visual representation of what I am thinking about...

Kind of like this for the Goldbach Conjecture (its a 6Mb gif and takes a while to download... don't bother if you don't like math).  It shows the growth rate of prime addends in the evens.


In case you hadn't noticed my old Just Got Lucky image

is being replaced by

I created this image out of components of a fun house and a roller coaster - which is pretty much what I experience on a daily basis.

Probably the best line I came across today is found here. "Such measures of household finances, though, are akin to the average temperature in a hospital — they don’t tell you how many people are really ailing."  So think about it: What's the average temperature in a hospital (of the patients)? What if its going up or down? Does that mean anything?

Why does Tori Amos get such a bad wrap... Check out "To Venus and Back [Live]" - particularly "Precious Things" and "Cornflake Girl". Matt Chamberlin on drums and Jon Evans on bass kick serious ass. Not many three piece bands can do this...

Some more math...

And if you need extra cash why not break out the old tax returns...

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