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Thursday, October 28, 2010


This link is to a transcript of Apple's call with investors last week.

Scroll down a bit an read the comments by Steve Jobs - they're too long to post fully here.

Once you've read this you will see why Apple is #1 right now.  Jobs knows what's going on across the board.  He understands both the market and technologies and why his products work.

Compare that, say, with the BP CEO Tony Hayward who resigned over the gulf leak.  He had no knowledge of the details of the details - before or after.  On the other hand, I bet those involved with the delay of the iPhone 4 white case are personally known to Jobs - and the results of their activities appear in his in-box minute to minute.

But its not just that.  Look at his depth of knowledge about the technology in his products and why its there.  Even for iPad for which no "white case" type disasters have occurred.

One mistake management of American companies makes is having to much distance between the CEO and the workers and their products.

To borrow an BMism (and to pun on THINK) American CEO's need to


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