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Friday, March 31, 2017

Fantasy Biology: Killing You and Yours....

From the NR article linked below...
A while back someone involved in the promotion of psychoactive recreation made a comment that nobody "... should die just because they wanted to get high."

I found this comment rather intriguing.

Apparently this individual hadn't considered the idea that opiates, as I indicated in a previous post, were rather unforgiving with regard to "getting high."  In fact, you don't even need to take them to "get high" to "get addicted."

(Note that I differentiate between, for example, the use certain things such as CBD oil or medical marijuana and "recreational use.")

Today kids hearing the message that "getting high" is something you should do really (and unfortunately) don't posses the wisdom to separate something like pot from pills from opiates.

So let's change gears to Vice President Mike Pence for a moment and an article in National Review...

Here's a guy who obviously loves his wife and does his best to keep out of trouble by not spending time alone with women other than his wife.

Seems like a perfectly rational thing to do.

And, no doubt, if one considers the biological aspects, something with a lot of common sense.  You don't put your intact male dog into the same enclosed space with your female dog in heat unless you want puppies.

Biology is what it is.

Involving intact males with receptive females (note: human females are one of the few that don't display outward signs of estrous) generally results in cotius and/or hanky panky and/or offspring.  In the case of Pence, who likely values his relationship with his wife, this means the rolling pin stays in the kitchen drawer (unfortunately for most readers this ancient euphemism will be incomprehensible).

I wouldn't allow it with my dogs, or cats, chickens, goats, horses, rabbits or other farm animals.

I've learned my lessons, I know how it works, you can not stop biology, evolution or the spinning of the planets.

So National Review (linked above) reprints a "tweet" from Xeni Jardin "... this means he'd be unable to work with a female colleague as a peer in a professional setting."

Another tweet from the Huffington Post: Elizabeth Spiers says "A whole swath of America thinks men and women don't work together and can't be friends ..."

Apparently Ms. Jardin thinks Pence is may be operating under something like "Sharia Law" which she claims Pence "mocks" (see the link).

Can't be friends...?  But I thought feminists supported Sharia law???

Where to begin...

Perhaps, Ms. Jardin, Mr. Pence simply respects his wife and their relationship.  He does not wish to create concern in her mind relative to his behavior or the behavior of other women towards him.

For example, if he drinks too much, Pence tells this wife so she can drive (he of course not wanting to kill her in a car accident or jabber with some bimbo).  Or he holds her hand when then walk on the ice so she won't fall down.  How is this different?

Now let's change to April the Giraffe...

"I hope her baby is still born" - PETA member on Facebook.

(PETA = People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.)


The animal is pregnant and has been so for over a year.  Anyone experienced with animals (or humans) can see this (not to mention the bazillion posts, quotes, videos, vets, and everything else parading through the animals pen and video feed).


So by now you must be thinking this is an odd collection of things, what's the point?

The point is glaringly obvious if you think for one minute.

All of these "complaints" about getting high, about Pence, and so forth involve fantasy.

Fantasy, for those not connected to the real world, is fiction.  It's not real.

Opiates and getting high kill people.  People get addicted because of "opiate receptors" and "biology."

It's fantasy to believe otherwise.

Sure, not everyone dies, but a significant number do.

Men and women in enclosed spaces are subject to "biology."  While you can choose not to believe in biology Pence knows that its smart to be aware of it and to keep the rolling pin in the kitchen drawer.  (You can read this about pheromones or this.)

Giraffes are endangered animals.  Biological breeding programs advance the safety of their species through the active use of the science of "biology."

So why do all these people pretend that their very own version of biology is somehow correct?

Billions upon billions of animals contradict their beliefs every day.

Science contradicts their beliefs.  Didn't the god Darwin believe in biology?

Yet here they are telling us we are fools for believing reality.

Me thinks the world today is filled with far, far, far to much introspective, self induced, masturbatory fantasy.

Apparently to the point where actual, objective reality has become the real victim.

I could go on and on - gender incompetence, adults coming to work in costumes, you get the idea.

It's not reality.

It's what you, dear reader, are MAKING UP.

Somehow I am wrong for living in objective reality.

It's actually quite sad, really...

Where do you draw the line?

Jump out of a plane without a parachute and expect Tinkerbell to save you?  Just believe a little harder...

Where do you draw the line?

I guess the only way you'll understand this post is if I say that I "identify with objective reality."  This would mean I perceive you as whatever objective evidence there is about you says.  Not what I or you think or you tell me or try to fool me with...

Hopefully you know what objective reality is (see Wikipedia):

"Reality is the state of things as they actually exist, rather than as they may appear or might be imagined."

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