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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Opioids vs E-Liquids: How the FDA Harms Children

From the link...
A while back I wrote about e-cigarette nicotine poisoning and calls to the poison center:

What was really striking was that about 125,000 children a year are poisoned by cosmetics as compared to about 600 per year with e-cigarette liquids.

Today I came across this little gem of FDA "responsibility," namely:  190,000 children are poisoned by adult opioids (

Then there is this:

Good thing the FDA is keeping us all little Suzy and Johnny safe from dangerous things like e-cigarettes; I guess that's to keep them alive to be poisoned by opioids...

After all the US, with 5% of the worlds population, consumes 80% of the worlds opioids (see this)...

Recall, too, that opioid drugs sold in the US must have FDA approval.

And remember that e-cigarettes are harming us all, especially the "children."

As to where these opioids might be coming from?  Once source is the VA.  A fine government agency busily doling out opioids by the handful to our veterans (see this).

Now I imagine that the 190,000 number is only the reported incidence of poisoning and that it forgoes all the theft of opioids by little Suzy and Johnny for fun and profit.  Similarly it surely undercounts teenagers being hooked on opioids in rehabs, etc.

After all, those aren't poisonings...

So what message does the FDA send e-cigarette users through all this?

One, its okay to kill people so long as we say it is.

Two, its okay to poison children so long as we say it is.

Three, the stigma of tobacco is so great in our minds we are willing to sacrifice children to opioids rather than face up to statistical truth about health, e-cigarettes and addiction.

Needless to say the cost of all this (the opioid problem) is devastating to our country and our children.

God forbid anyone should take their health into their own hands.

(And to all my "Withholding THR from Children is Abuse" friends: if little Suzy ended up addicted from filching grandma's pill should we withhold treatment cause she's too young...???)

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