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Monday, January 9, 2017

Vaping: Safer than a Vaccine?

Oops! Someone forgot to tell Dr. Daniel Neides that he should just "take one for the team" and tow the big pharma line in vaccine land.  Seems Dr. Daniel doesn't want to be "injected with mercury" for some reason, nor does he want to be injected with "formaldehyde," a known carcinogen.

Who can blame him?

While the odd Smallpox or Polio vaccine is good prevention today's big pharma vaccine "band wagon" with dozens and dozens of duplicates was outed again much to chagrin of the Cleveland Clinic.

Some of my previous thoughts on this subject:

So these posts were written prior to my deep involvement in vaping.  If nothing else vaping has taught me that killing people for profit is utmost in the mind of big pharma and our government.

(Search this blog for "vaping" or "nicotine.")

Clearly, at least in the rest of the world, vaping is seen as a top THR (Tobacco Harm Reduction) tool.
Is it perfectly safe?

Of course not.

However, at least according to my previous research vaccines routinely kill a hundred or so people per year (see this).

Not so vaping.

Yes, I know that Smallpox killed millions in its day and eradicating it is a good thing even if some die in the process.

But that's not what people are vaccinated for today.

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