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Friday, January 6, 2017

Dear Vladimir Putin...

Dear Vladimir Putin -

I have recently reviewed a variety of articles here in the US (WSJ, LA Times, Washington Post) that identify Russia as the source of "election hacking."

The details are identified in this US government document: "Background to “Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent US Elections”: The Analytic Process and Cyber Incident Attribution"

Among other interesting things we find this paragraph on page #3: "The Kremlin’s principal international propaganda outlet RT (formerly Russia Today) has actively collaborated with WikiLeaks. RT’s editor-in-chief visited WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London in August 2013, where they discussed renewing his broadcast contract with RT, according to Russian and Western media. Russian media subsequently announced that RT had become "the only Russian media company" to partner with WikiLeaks and had received access to "new leaks of secret information." RT routinely gives Assange sympathetic coverage and provides him a platform to denounce the United States."

Russia Today, hmmm, I had only heard of propaganda agencies like Tass back in the 1970's Soviet Union.

I figured I'd better catch up and see what sort of things are available at "Russia Today."

There I found this article interviewing John McAfee of cyber security fame.

McAfee describes this US government document on "Assessing Russian Activities..." to be "... utter nonsense" and "... “Russian hacking” narrative is either “propaganda intended to incite the American people, to anger toward Russia for some reason, or our intelligence community is so ignorant and na├»ve that they should all be replaced.”"

Well, hmmm.  I suppose he's entitled to his own opinion though one imagines he's got some background in this subject.

But what was really, really interesting, Mr. Putin, was not all of this hoopla concerning how you had, perhaps personally, hacked into the US election.

No, instead I saw, down at the bottom of the McAfee article, a small ad (here is most of the page at the link above):

This was the ad that caught my eye:

Now this is a rather specialized, targeted ad that really only would appear on a web page I was looking at, no doubt through some click-based ad system.

Yet there it is - being served up by Russia Today servers right to my very browser!

You see, Mr. Putin, that I work on sophisticated robots which make use of type of unusual laser equipment sold at

I specifically recall this website because a co-worker and I were discussing this very website yesterday.  I had discovered this web site by googling, (yes, from during the Christmas break.  I had worked hard to find this site, very hard.  Its not easy to describe what these lasers do.

I had never, ever seen this site before and have not accessed it since our work conversation the other day.

Yet here on Russia Today is an ad for it (the results of my work googling).

My, my, what a remarkable coincidence!  I wonder where Russia Today found out about my very secret robot work?

Perhaps, dare I say, Google (or Alphabet or whatever they call themselves...)

I can hear you and your comrades chuckling across the many timezones...

I mere coincidence, I thought, indeed.

But in writing this post I visited out of curiosity.  Not something I had ever done though I am sure in the past decade or two I probably had googled "tass" once or twice for some other post or work.

And what, you might ask, did I find there?


The interesting part is the "" ad.  A place which has my resume.  A place I have conducted business.

Somehow, as if by magic, here it is appearing plastered across the headlines of

Vladimir, your Russian people are so clever!

Why I bet you are purchasing click results from companies like Google and passing them off "US Election" influence!

How clever you Russians are!

(But I did see the link on the right side of Russia Today for, and so forth - that's really sort of a give-away.  I bet you found out that Hillary was putting her charity funds into her own pocket by reading the NY Times.)

Those dower folks at Tass mere showed my links to recent robotic camera searches for work and a web site that sells antiquated musical equipment I often search.)

I wonder if someone should tell the folks at these US Intelligence agencies that its really Google and the NY Times betraying Hillary?

I wonder if someone should explain that Google sells information about top searches and personal search data to countries such as Russia?

No, that would confuse them.

Well Vladimir, thank you for your interest in my blog.


The Lone Wolf

P.S.  I am forwarding a copy of this to Mr. Trump.  I am sure you both be able to laugh over this at your next meeting.

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