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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Why does Google News...

"Signal Proof" headwear - Please wear before reading...
Keep showing me TIME magazine links?

TIME's been "going out of business" for a long time.

Yet surprisingly "Google News" recently (let's say the last few months) has begun showing an inordinate number of "Time" hits.

When I was young and stupid you could read TIME magazine and believe what it said.  It was in print right?  Must be true...

These magazines (TIME, Newsweek, etc.) all hit home runs in the days of Nixon and Watergate.  But that was nearly fifty (50) years ago.

The idea Google pedaled was that "Google News" would show you the latest news everyone else was looking at.

I get google is full of millennials who are really just lefties (go Bernie) in disguise all suddenly reading TIME?


I am supposed to believe that somehow everyone is suddenly reading it...

Is it full of Bernie articles?

So much so that its a top hit on "Google News...???"

Probably some "secret" link between Time Warner and Google - like money and a plan to push the TIME/Google agenda.

Where's my tin foil hat...

Oops - "tin foil hats" are no longer made of tin foil (actually aluminum foil).  No doubt even the words "tin foil hat" make some millennial some where tear up and cry...

Today they are called

And they are "signal proof" - is that alien signals?

See, and they are even cool to wear in public.  They make you young and attractive.

And no, Virginia, these hats aren't really "faraday cages"...  (A faraday cage keeps out all electrical signals.)

These are "faraday cages" (from this link):

Not as attractive as "shield wear" but what the hell, they seem to work!

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