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Sunday, July 31, 2016

"No," says the Apple car...

Posted Apple: The Bigger They are the Harder They Fall... in 2015.

Here is the WSJ take:

All you need to know (from the WSJ link):

So I want to be an iPhone developer any more?  There is a large market of existing iPhones so I guess for $99 USD its probably a no brainer for one more year...

Yet with web apps do I really need to care?

They dumped the beloved 17" MacBook Pro... - the 15" is okay but the screen is still too small.

Tim Cook's been riding the Steve Jobs wave for a long, long time and its finally hit the shore.

To be fair part of this is the shitty Obamanomic economy.

But little Suzy and Johnny, at least in the largest part of the world, probably have all the iPhone's they need at this point.  They don't need Apple music or Apple navigation.

For me personally, I am still trying to get rid of the Apple music that comes out of my phone when I plug it into my car.  Seems as if you can't delete all the songs.  One or two stick around and play in the car by default...

Personally Spotify is fine - I don't like the Apple autocracy.

An Apple car makes little sense.  How does one fit into the Apple autocracy model?

Will the Apple car work like my iPhone?

"No," says the Apple car, "I am taking you to the restaurant Tim Cook thinks you should go to..."

"No," says the Apple car, "you lost your keys and you must use to get access back - but there's no internet or cell service here so I guess your injury bleed-out will just have to continue..."

"No," says the Apple car, "I won't show you your speed, instead I'll demand you dismiss the 'Update Apple Car Software to 2.5.3' dialog..."

"No," says the Apple car, "I will insist you use the Apple Navigator 1.0 software instead of google or Waze to find your destination..."

"No," says the Apple car, "There's no gaping vaping in here.  Smoking is evil and you shouldn't be doing it and still today I, Apple Car, will not allow the word "vaping" into the spell checker no matter how many times you use it so when you text mom she'll see: 'Mom, how's your gaping coming along'..."

"No," says the Apple car, "I don't have a lighter..."

"No," says the Apple car, "I'm taking you, your mom, little Suzy and Johnny to the gape vape shop... I insist... I can't even say the word 'vape' because its evil..."

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