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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Vaping Tax: Harbinger of Holocaust

(Note: I know many of those reading this blog were educated in the United States after the teaching of history was corrupted (perhaps since about forty years ago); thus much of what you are about to read will be both politically incorrect and, quite honestly, frightening.

If you are wearing your tin foil hat (or if you have newly joined the tin foil hat ranks after last week's budget vote) you'd better tie it on securely.

Sources are provided for your convenience.)

Let's start out with a quotation from the Huffington Post (see if you can guess if these quotes are about the 40% Pennsylvania "vaping tax..."):

"... the story of going from freedom and entrepreneurship to living under the oppression ... , lost her business almost overnight. But, how did the [they] target entrepreneurs for their theft? Why did they block entrepreneurship and free ideas? And, perhaps most importantly, how did their efforts to tax and seize ... wealth so quickly ..."

"... would be required to declare their wealth. If they hid any assets, they would receive an automatic ten-year prison term and have their wealth confiscated."

"... used this data to institute a 20% tax on ... wealth, raising millions for the government."

Sure sounds to me like the same thing.

Tax those bastard vapers.  Ignore the Royal College of Physician's report.  Fill those government coffers...

But it's not.

No, this is none other than the story of the rise of Nazi power in post World War I Germany.

According to the linked article perhaps one third of Germany's war effort was financed through the confiscation of Jewish wealth.  Accomplished just as Pennsylvania's Governor Tom Wolfe (it was he who proposed it last year) has done with Article XII-A of House Bill 1198 (see page #50).

Seizing wealth for "government purposes."

Ignoring the welfare of those whose assets are being seized.

Oh no! You cry... That's not what our good Democratic governor and Republican representatives are doing!

I believe it did not pass last year because the FDA had yet to weigh in on whether or not vaping was a "tobacco product."

I was sadden to see many I know revile at the action of our state's government.

I saw betrayal, treachery, and worse.  Representative were called vile names on open Facebook posts by those who felt the betrayal the strongest.

Yet for those who read this blog there should be little surprise what a government is capable of doing for "your own best interest."

For me, to express my feelings, I created the shirt linked at the top of this post.

Its a picture of the Nuremberg trails.  According to Wikipedia (linked previously): "... the prosecution of prominent members of the political, military, judicial and economic leadership of Nazi Germany who planned, carried out, or otherwise participated in The Holocaust and other war crimes. The trials were held in the city of Nuremberg, Germany."

What is different here?

Not much really...  In jolly old England, for example, the medical establishment is not so far gone toward evil that they cannot see true benefit of vaping.

Here the state uses its power to tax as the first step in eliminating that which is unacceptable to it.

In your case vaping.

Imagine, what you do to help your own health - despite decades of FDA failure - is taxed.  Taxed to finance, er, well, something other than your health.

How does that make you feel?

The slight of hand in the government of Pennsylvania is our officials are hoping that all that "core curriculum" which expunges the deeds of the Nazi's and Japanese in World War II is forgotten.

If you don't know this has happened before why you won't realize the extent of the problem.

Instead of marching along with the police we vapers now huddle outside  the back of most buildings or restaurants - if we are even allowed to vape on the property, e.g., UPMC is a good example because you can be fired if you test positive for "nicotine."

Sadly these sorts of activities are concentrated in the "blue" portions of the state with the pending Allegheny county "anti-vaping" laws.

(And yes, Virginia, there are consequences to political choices - and they have now arrived at your door.  Its good to see many in the vaping illuminati have now discovered that their political favorites are really not much concerned with their constituents well being...)

I have created the shirt linked at the top of the article from this image:

Feel free to download it and spread it around with this article.  (If the blog makes this image too low-res message me for the high-res...)

Better yet, make a shirt for your representative who voted for this tax (they are all listed in the image).  Send it to them in a gift wrapped box along with a copy of the Royal College of Physician's report.  (Don't forget to include a "Thank You!" card.)

The point of this post is that, after the war, those fighting Nazi Germany conducted the Nuremberg Trials.  These trials convicted many of the Nazi's who perpetrated the heinous against the Jews.

Like smokers the Jews had little choice but to ultimately be rounded up for what they were and shipped off to re-education concentration camps.   They complied because, like a frog in a pot of cold water on a lit stove, they didn't see the threat until it was too late.

Which is sort of the point.  These words aren't a threat to anyone.  But actions have consequences and hopefully we will all be around for that part: whether conducted in the voting booth or a trial.  Imagine betrayal having to explain to elder mom that the vape that makes her blood oxygen "normal" has to go away because it now costs too much...

Smokers are docile and trained by decades of anti-smoking rhetoric to believe they smoke because they are bad people: just like the Jews.

So you also need to ask yourself: "If I proudly vote for the libertarian guy" what is really going to happen to my vape shop and the vape shops of those who are still around after the election?  (Hint: Senator Richard Burr is one of the very few who I have seen personally stand up for vaping...  Please make a wise choice.)

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