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Monday, March 31, 2014

PrimusZ "Orange Marmalade" with Padauk Wood Cover

While all the planned PrimusZ colors will be available with a clear cover (probably retailing around $249.00 USD) we also have a set of exotic wood covers.  These are exotic wood covers that really make your mod stand out.

"Orange Marmalade" with Padauk Wood Cover (View 2)
The exotic covers will be sourced from sustainable, reputable exotic wood suppliers in limited batches.  Given the nature of this material there is no guarantee that once we have used up our supply we will be able to get more.
"Orange Marmalade" with Padauk Wood Cover (View 2)
The exotic wood versions will have a estimated street price of around $349.00 (USD).  International orders will be subject to restriction on the importing of the various woods used.

A variety of traditional stains and natural finishes such as Tung Oil will be available as well on a custom-order basis.

Please check out or for details.

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