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Thursday, March 27, 2014

PrimusZ Operating in the Sub-Ohm Range...

The basic PrimusZ design includes the ability to operate in the sub-ohm region.  For those that do not understand this is a coil wound to have a resistance of less than 1 Ohm.  Until today I have not been able to demonstrate this working.  But that changed today (I've been busy tracking down a few other bugs since the Vapefest):

So I have posted elsewhere that there are some serious issues with too many using Joules (Watts per seconds) to fire an e-cigarette coil - frying the VG (Vegetable Glycerin) or inhaling a vapor that's too hot or exploding a battery.

None the less we want to make sure we can address this segment of the market (think "there is a  reason your car speedometer goes to 120 mph").

Everyone has choices (and you might just need to out run that tornado).

In any case we have been testing the PrimusZ to make sure that it will work in that range.

So here is the first video (of poor quality to be sure) of the PrimusZ firing:

You can see the .9 Ohm value at the end of the video.

I used a very basic 3-turns of 28 gauge Kanthal:

And here we go:

Next is destructive battery and switch testing - internally the switch we use is rated for 480W - however the Acrylic cases won't support that.

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