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Sunday, January 15, 2012

What Our Cultural Icons Say about Us

Given the "peeing calvin" image its little wonder we see things like the video below.

Desecration with urine in nothing new in America... 

Websites such as this offering a fully customized "design your own peeing calvin" experience.

Just Google "peeing calvin"...

Yet this US news report claims shock and outrage at the marines urinating on corpses - don't look - its horribly offensive...

Don't these reporters look out their windshields at other vehicles while they drive?

Don't small children see these images from the passenger seat?

Where do you think the marines grew up? 

In America, of course.

Virtually every time I drive I see a pickup with "peeing calvin" busy peeing on something - Ford, Dodge, Chevy, NASCAR numbers, George Bush, the Obama logo, you name it.

The marines in the video above seem young...  no doubt strongly influenced by a culture that thinks this is funny.

Yet no one I know has ever been questioned or pulled over for "peeing calvin"...

No one claims shock over it.

No one is disgusted.

Most likely we laugh about it.

Or no one even notices...

Until now.

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