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Monday, January 23, 2012

More Lion Woes...

So my daughter brings over a movie someone burned for business on a DVD.  I put the DVD into Lion and it complains the media is in a format it doesn't "recognize."  Nothing happens and I can't view it.

I take the same disk to Snow Leopard and viola the movie plays with no issues right in the DVD app.

Some Googling reveals various unfixed "issues" in this regard.

Next woe.

I hook up some nice monitors to a Lion laptop (MacBook Pro).

Click, pop, click...


No audio playing, nothing going on to make sounds, clean signal pro path that I have used before.

More Googling...

Oops!  Another Lion problem recognized by many, not resolved.

The worst one I found, though, I could not find much on.

I have a JamMan looper pedal.  It has a USB port which you can connect to anything that recognizes the standard, simple "camera" file system.  Basically files and folders.  I have a 10.4 Mac as well as others and this has worked on all of them without a problem for a couple of years.

You simply plug in the USB and you see a mounted file system.  You drag and drop files in the finder.

Except on Lion.

Lion sort of pretends this is working but in fact does not show the files you drag onto the JamMan.  So suppose I have a folder of a few files.  I drag it from the laptop hard drive to the JamMan.

Normally you would see a little progress window, it would process, end of story.

On Lion you see the progress window but the bar in it doesn't move.  Some of the files copy, others don't and it just sits there.  I gave up after a minute or two (the files were about 15 Mb and should have copied in seconds).

Lion then reports the folder copied.

Hmmm... I thought - perhaps the progress window is broken.

Nope, the folder was there but only on file in it (I had to navigate via the terminal window to discover this).

During this fiddling I had at one point renamed the folder.  That didn't work either - the folder kept the old name.

Eventually the only scheme that worked was to navigate via the terminal window to /Volumes/JamMan and copy the files there.

Come on Apple...  This is terrible!!

Something that worked for a decade now craps out on the vaunted Lion.

And worst of all it behaves like Windows!!  No errors, randomness, and terminating in failure.

I know the JamMan works okay USB wise so I did not bother to test Lion with other USB devices.

I also did some testing with a MOTU 828 via firewire.  I bought the laptop specifically to ensure I had all the right connectivity.  Sadly there were more problems there.

Clicks, pops, noise on the optical line.

I've had the MOTU for probably seven or eight years - never a problem until Lion.

Maybe I'll have to check out Windows 8...

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