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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Google Ads: Old News is Bad News...

Why do Google's customer's pay for old, tired data?

Several weeks ago I bought a new keyboard - the old one was on its last legs and much of it no longer worked.

So I did a lot of Googling through December for a new one and ultimately decided to purchase a Korg Kronos.  No doubt Google recorded everything about my searches.  Each page, how long I spent on it, etc.

I ordered it three weeks ago; it came in last week.

Now I did not buy it on line - I got a better deal somewhere else - so there is no internet "record" of the purchase - as if I purchased through somewhere like Amazon (not that Amazon shares my private data).

But since then I continue to see ads for keyboards where I go (that uses Google Ads) on the internet.  Lot's of them.  Very targeted toward me and my Google searches.

Ditto for some other equipment I also bought as well as ebooks (but this has gone on for a while).

I buy a lot of those one dollar jobs - and I see ads for them over and over - but at least they are advertising things I don't already have.

These ads have been running for weeks - showing me keyboards and other options that I will never use or purchase.

I wonder how much these folks are paying these ads?

Displaying ads to me, who will not purchase their products.

To me this seems to be a big flaw in the Google ad model.

How do they know when you buy something?

The keyboard I bought was expensive - its part of the Synthodeon project I am involved with - but I need it for a variety of reasons, e.g., Karma.

The answer is they don't - yet the probably run these ads because they know I am planning (or thinking) about spending a lot of money.

They don't know exactly what I write about - only that I am writing.  So for mentioning health or something related up pop ads - even if I am trashing the topic.


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