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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

VoodooIndigo... (an example)

Please take a look at this:

This is a good example of what do - it's self explanatory in many ways.

The title includes "voodoo" because the JLT file format was reverse-engineered in a "clean room" environment - a task many thought impossible.

The project very nearly resulting in a large sale for Lexigraph but at the last minute a vendor sensed that we had "scooped" them and deployed some unpleasant tactics to derail our customers plans. The project was a plan to allow non-Indigo printers to participate in the production related to a very large photo site.

The plan was to allow JLYT printer-ready files to be transferred to Xerox printers for production to handle overflow work. A very simple plan, really.  The photo site had 24 Indigo 5XXX printers but sometimes this was not enough.  Our potential customer had a few Indigo's and Xerox iGen's on which some of the overflow would could be handled.

Despite what normal nay-sayers would say color and quality were not an issue - we were able to produce acceptable output and it was hard to tell what it was produced on (as a side note see "The Sneetchs" by Dr. Seuss).

Though the technology described works reasonably well this, at least so far, has never made it as a Lexigraph product (probably because no one knows about it but you never know).

The technology it is based on has made it into other Lexigraph products.

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