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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Color Management Technology to be Released...

Here at Lexigraph I am pleased to announce we have completed developed on most of a new type of color management system (CMS) that is designed for enterprise color print and imaging. We have finally completed the various steps required to protect our new invention and so now we can talk about it publicly. I plan to start updating this blog sometime toward the end of this week with a description.

We have been working in this area for some years and have come to realize that things like ICC profiling simply don't work in a large-scale commercial imaging environment (while ICC profiles "work" they don't do what these enterprise customers need). On the PDF Outsider I have started blogging about the tools we have in that area and on the AFP Outsider about how we plan to roll this out there as well.

We believe the "nirvana" of this type of color management is to allow teams of uneducated users in large organizations with drastically different output devices, lighting paper, different software applications, etc. accept unmanaged color jobs from outside and produce them reliably, quickly and effectively with salable color. By salable color we mean "brand acceptable".

If you have an in-house system like this working today for work you compose yourself then this will not interest you. On the other hand, if you have a business that requires you accept unmanaged color work and reliably reproduce the colors in an industrial environment this will be of great interest.

I became involved in this because some customers of our acquired high-speed inkjet systems which that wanted to use to produce color work that had previously been produced on their toner or ink machines. As we worked through the issues it became clear that there was nothing to address this in the market place. Of course there is the ICC and the AFP Color Consortium and so forth, but there isn't a tool set and process for people to use.

There is some minimal information on our web site currently - that will change as this rolls out. Part of the issue with this is that the concepts and process will be very foreign to people familiar with the typical color management process - which is why I want to roll out an explanation slowly and clearly.

We are rolling it out on this blog because is covers both AFP and PDF - the separate blogs for those will be used for any side discussions related to the file-type-specific processes.

The core of this new process has been in production for some time - not the complete package but just enough to know that it not only works but its solid. For those who know me solid means proven - this isn't just some raving speculative nonsense.


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