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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Lone Wolf...

The idea for this blog came from a luncheon I had today with an old friend in the graphic arts business and her associate.  I was described as a "lone wolf" because I care only about what is good for my customers and not about the corporate world or the reasons it can make life difficult for those who need to get their work done.

I am quite but opinionated.  I am usually right and I can always prove it if I am.  I expect to be paid for results - not talk.

I do a lot of amazing software technology to solve ridiculously complex graphic arts workflow problems in industries that no one knows about or understands to help them make more money with less work. I must be at least half good at it because I've made my living at this for almost twenty years.

Since my company, Lexigraph, Inc., does not do much marketing except by word of mouth no one really has any way to know what we do.

This blog is for me to communicate with my old friends about what I do.   My goal is to talk a few times a week about what I do, how it is done, and why it is done so they can understand me and my business.

This blog is Copyright (C) Todd R. Kueny, Sr.

Hopefully this will be helpful to any readers or followers...

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