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Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Government's Children: Tobacco, Zika, and Vaping...

It would seem unfortunate for the US, for South America, and virtually anyone else in the world that the Zika virus is not somehow related to tobacco.

Tobacco you say?

If it were it would be jeopardizing Dr. Tom Frieden's CDC tobacco revenue for "anti tobacco marketing" something would have been done about it already.

(Well, the FDA, the state of Pennsylvania, and the CDC could quickly gain control over Zika by just "pretend" that anyone entering the US with the Zika virus was carrying an un-tax-stamped, illegally purchased vape or pack of cigarettes and they would be immediately put directly into federal prison... Hmmm... Maybe Obama could just write out an executive order?  I digress...)

About 1,200 people in the US alone die each day from smoking-related illness.  The FDA, Frieden, and Mitch Zeller have worked hard to preserve this.  After all "tobacco & related illness" costs in the US, if treated as its own economic "country" would be in the top fifty economies in the world...

Think about this - the US tobacco & related illnesses together - if thought of economically as a country - would be be about the size of the Czech Republic.

Little wonder nothing can be done to stop it.

Imagine if suddenly the entire infrastructure of the Czech Republic simply vanished leaving millions homeless, jobless, standing naked on the scorched earth.  The impact would be far worse than the Haiti earthquakes which killed say 200,000 and cause problems for perhaps a million people in total.  The Czech Republic - with perhaps ten times the inhabitants would create a disaster of on precedented magnitude.

Now that the FDA has declared vaping a "tobacco product" so the tobacco economy can continue because the consequences of it failing are too much for them to imagine.

Nurses and doctors unemployed, probably by the millions, and hospitals empty of the sick and dying.

No more giant cigarette factories cranking out product.

If you really think the government gives one hoot about your or "your children" read this report on child labor on the tobacco farms (image above)...

Soon children will go back to smoking instead of vaping.

Soon children will be back on tract to become card carrying members of the tobacco economy.

Here in Pennsylvania perhaps a half dozen vape shops right around my home have disappeared in the last few weeks (Pennsylvania wisely realized that it needs to start moving new products into the Tobacco Master Settlement category or trouble will rear up very soon and tobacco companies will be unable to pump the Commonwealth's coffers full of cash).  The 40% vaping tax will ensure that people will return to smoking and that Tom Wolfe, the governor, can "close his budget gap" on the backs of children.

Now compare the reaction by the government to Zika...

Zika is well known to cause direct, objective harm to children.

Fortunately it doesn't touch tobacco revenue so the CDC can still sit around and do nothing.

Even though the CDC knows we have a ridiculous no-holds-barred "open door" policy at our boarders.

Even though we send thousands of athletes to a Zika-infested country.

Even though, at least according to the Miami Herald, we see a "hockey stick" rise in new Zika cases:

My point is that the CDC really does basically nothing but redistribute wealth.

The "flu shots" it supports do nothing by any rigorous scientific analysis.

Its all about them wanting you to "believe" they are helping you.

But in fact they are only preserving their economic well being.

Remember, we could stop the influx of Zika just by pretending those entering our country with the virus simply carried an unstamped pack of illegal cigarettes...

Thank God for political correctness and the hispanic vote (oh wait, won't the poor be disproportionally affected by Zika...?)

(On the other hand, we can just let the southern USA burn - Zika will never get as far north as Washington, DC and the outlying Virginia suburbs... Or will it Tom Frieden?)

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