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Saturday, January 31, 2015

EJuice in Indiana: Criminalized Frosting

For some time I have been troubled by the very strong relationship between e-cigarettes (and its associated friend vaping) and baking.

"Baking?" you say.


For many decades products like this King Arthur "Coconut Flavor" have been sold. 

What is it?

Propylene Glycol and flavoring; coconut in this case.

There are thousands of these flavors sold on-line, in Walmart, virtually anywhere people wish to bake.  Baking and cooking are trillion (with a "T") dollar industries around the world.

Flavorings are used around the world on a daily basis to make the food we eat.

All perfectly legal, all available to everyone, anytime, day or night, of any age.

Of course, there are more things involved in baking that just flavoring.

This article, for example, demonstrates how to include vegetable glycerin in things like frosting along with flavorings.

Propylene glycol and flavoring and vegetable glycerin...

Er, wait, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and flavoring - aren't they ejuice ingredients?

In fact, are they exactly ejuice at 0mg of nicotine?

Now, in Indiana they want to make the exact same ingredients "special" based on their intended use (page 5/14):

"Sec. 8. "E-liquid" means a substance that is: (1) intended to be vaporized and inhaled using a vapor pen; (2) manufactured and sold in a refillable or umsealed 12 container or any container larger than two (2) milliliters."

So if I intend to bake a cake with these ingredients and I smell the cake I am okay to breath the "vapor" produced the oven heating these ingredients.

But if I put these exact same ingredients into a "vaper pen" there's a problem...

Would I go to a vape shop to buy eliquid made of these ingredients, particularly in Indiana?

No, I would go to Walmart and buy ingredients for frosting and cake and mix them myself.

So how exactly do these laws Indiana proposes stop anyone from vaping bad ejuice?

They don't.

So how exactly do these laws Indiana protect anyone from bad ejuice formulations?

They don't.  In fact, they make a black market out of baking ingredients.

No doubt if you purchase a flavoring and VG at the local Walmart you'll be stopped.  Just like if you purchase sudafed in more than one bottle quantities you're stopped because you might be making meth.

They just add more reasons to arrest and prosecute people who innocently cross law enforcement.

They just redirect people to the exact same resources from other, legal unregulated places.

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