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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Bill Godshall Update (From Newsletter 1/20/2015)

Scientific Research

2014 Gallup Poll finds 5% of US ex-smokers quit smoking with nicotine patches, 3% with electronic cigarettes, 2% with prescription drugs and 1% with nicotine gum.

Note that while Obama’s DHHS unlawfully banned e-cigs in 2009 and has demonized them since, nicotine patches and gums have been subsidized, aggressively marketed and touted by federal/state/local health agencies and Big Pharma funded ACS, AHA, ALA, AMA, etc. for past two decades, as have prescription drugs for past decade.

Brad Rodu – Formadehpye vs Fact: Levels are far lower in e-cigarettes than in cigarettes

Study finds adult smokers who vape are far more interested in flavored e-cigs than nonvaping smokers, who are far more interested in flavored e-cigs than nonsmoking teens; refutes unsubstantiated claims that flavored e-cigs appeal to nonsmoking youth.  On a 0-10 scale of interest for flavored e-cigs, the study found a 3.19 for adult smokers who vape, a 1.08 for adult smokers who never vaped, and a .41 for nonsmoking teens.

Interestingly, while Single Malt Scotch was the least desired e-cig flavoring by adult smokers (1.01), it was the most desired e-cig flavoring by nonsmoking teens (.52), and was more desirable than Bubble Gum (.47), Cotton Candy (.49) and Gummy Bear (.44), three flavors e-cig opponents have repeatedly insisted appeal to youth.

ACSH: A new survey show slightly more than zero interest in e-cig flavors among nonsmoking teens

Survey of 191 college students who “ever used” an e-cig finds 176 “only tried” e-cigs, 15 reported “occasionally use” and 0 reported “daily use”; finds NO evidence that e-cigs are gateways to cigarettes.

Study: E-cigarettes probably not a gateway to regular smoking

Analysis of CDC 2012 NYTS data finds just 64% of US teens believed “smoking a few cigarettes every day” caused “a lot of harm”, and just 33% believed “smoking cigarettes some days but not every day” caused “a lot of harm”; CDC didn’t mention these findings in agency’s many fear mongering reports and press releases citing selective NYTS data to demonize e-cigs, cigars and hookah to lobby for FDA’s proposed deeming reg

ACSH: A new study of teens’ tobacco habits reveals disturbing misinformation about smoking


CDC study finds 44,000 drug poisoning deaths in US in 2013, more than doubling since 1999; but Obama’s CDC and FDA focus on exaggerating negligible and hypothetical risks of lifesaving e-cigs to lobby for FDA’s proposed deeming regulation

Herkimer County (NY) Coroner won’t reveal cause of death of NY child that news media claimed was caused by ingestion of e-liquid, says he cannot discuss the case or autopsy report with anyone but family members or law enforcement

Quit-smoking drug Chantix/Champix suspected in 30 suicides in Canada

Mike Siegel: Why are groups recommending a smoking cessation drug that has been linked to hundreds of deaths?

CDC funded lies and lobbying

CDC funded California Health Dept’s so-called “Facts” brochure unlawfully lobbies to ban vaping by urging readers to “support policies that do not allow e-cigarettes to be used indoors and where children are present”, falsely claims e-cigarettes “can cause cancer and birth defects”, “appeal to children”, “are poisonous”, “contain harmful chemicals”, “can hurt the lungs just like cigarette smoke”, “are just as addictive as regular cigarettes”, “do not help people quit smoking”, “may hurt others” “just like regular cigarettes”; falsely claims “medicines ... are very effective at helping people quit smoking cigarettes“;

THR Advocacy

Sally Satel op/ed in NY Times: Will the FDA kill off e-cigs?

ACSH’s Gil Ross – Public health’s cigarette sellout: Smoke em if you got em
AVA’s Greg Conley: Big Tobacco’s war on vaping

Ronald Bailey: A ban on vaping harms public health

Clive Bates: Annual quiz on e-cigarettes and harm reduction

E-cigarettes may be effective way to quitting smoking (CO)

Carl Phillips: Glantz attempt at dialogue makes clear the vacuousness of his arguments

THR Satire

Bandaids “lure kids into NRT” say experts

THR Business

Korean cigarette imports decline 14.4% as e-cigarette imports increase 348%

GSK’s nicotine patches and gum feel the heat from e-cigarettes; drug company exec admits e-cigs have reduced sales of GSK’s tobacco derived nicotine products, which is why Big Pharma funded WHO, anti-tobacco groups, researchers, etc. have demonized and keep lobbying to ban e-cigs (and smokeless tobacco)


HHS execs doing good and living large, flying first class around the world

Bill McMorris: Pentagon’s war on tobacco fails

US Senator Nelson to reintroduce bill to require child resistant packaging for e-cigs

FDA issues Draft Guidance (for public comment) “Policy for Low Risk Devices” that agency could/should (with a few small changes) also apply to e-cigarettes to promote public health and reduce smoking.  In sharp contrast, FDA’s proposed deeming regulation would protect cigarette markets and threaten public health by banning >99% of e-cigarettes now on market and by giving e-cig industry to Big Tobacco companies.

FDA’s CTP invites law school students to become unpaid interns to implement FSPTCA (that Phillip Morris and Big Pharma shills CTFK, ACS, AHA, ALA, Pinney Associates negotiated, agreed to and lobbied Congress to enact) to protect Marlboro cigarettes and Big Pharma products from market competition by smokeless tobacco and recently e-cigs.


Univ of Kentucky challenges Lorillard’s e-cig trademark application for “blu Nation”, claims it would damage school’s “Big Blue Nation” trademark, tarnish its reputation

E-cig taxation

The Grover Norquist Show: Leave Vapers Alone!

Lorillard joins Reynolds American in advocating unwarranted state taxation of e-cigs (that also requires licensure, imposes additional regulations, bans and costs on smaller e-cig companies and vape shops that compete against Big Tobacco companies).

NATO’s Thomas Briant: 10 states have indicated intentions of raising cigarette, OTP or e-cigarette taxes

53 page draft bill in Washington State (similar to HB 2795 from 2014) would protect cigarettes and destroy many e-cig vendors in WA; would tax vapor products at 95% of sales price; ban WA businesses (but not out-of-state retailers) from shipping/transporting vapor products sold via Internet or mail order; require WA Health Dept to create regulations for “labeling and advertising” of vapor products, including nicotine content labels that must be verified by a lab certified by the WA Liquor Control Board and a warning regarding so-called “harmful effects of nicotine”; ban sales of all flavored vapor products except menthol, wintergreen and mint; ban sale of vapor products (but not cigarettes) to anyone under 21; require licensure of all vapor product vendors; ban free sampling of vapor products; require child-resistant packaging for all vapor products; etc.

Mt Baker Vapor posts Call to Action urging WA vapers to oppose anti-vaping legislation

David Brunori: Want bad tax policy? Here’s a blueprint (about WA Gov. Inslee’s budget proposal, including his proposed 95% tax on vapor products)

ATR: Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller pushing tax hike on electronic cigarettes

Indiana lawmakers propose e-cigarette regulations, taxes

Indiana bill (SB 384) would tax vapor products at $0.0083 per milligram of nicotine per milliliter of e-liquid (e.g. $5.98 tax on a 30 ml bottle of 24mg/ml nicotine e-liquid).

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Smokefree Pennsylvania
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