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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tweeting Off the "Fiscal" Cliff

 So the current Administration has said “I’m asking Americans to make your voice heard” suggesting that citizens "tweet" their congressman on the "fiscal cliff."

Use the '#My2K" tag they said...

Are you kidding?

The generation (as I posted earlier) that's a trillion US dollars in debt for its education (which does not seem to offer employment prospects) needs to "twitter" about what to do.

(A flock of birds "twitter" around the bird bath, in a tree, or at the bird feeder.  In case anyone noticed these are not the smartest animals.)

We vote to elect leaders.

Why do they need "tweets" to tell them what to do?

Would you use twitter to help steer your car?

Would you use twitter to control how your child is fed?

Would you use twitter to control the arm of your surgeon?

(I had better answer in case you are a recent college graduate: "NO" - its just NOISE like SHOUTING.  Except its done electronically.)

Is anyone going actually do something based on the tweets?

"Twitter" is noise, pure and simple.  Some 140 characters (based on the packet-switching limits built into mobile phones). 

Like a mob shouting. 

What do we do by "mob rule?"





That's why we have elected leaders.  They are supposed to represent us.  To act on our behalf.

But they don't...

The truth is that our country has catastrophic debt - like Greece.

And now we're using lame phone technology to create electronic mobs to "shout" about what to do.

How about THINKING about what to do.

How about publicly outlining a rational thought process.

Telling the truth about how much debt there really is.

Telling the truth about how little a hundred billion USD will really effect it.

Telling the truth that no one in Washington DC has the balls to fix it.

So instead we turn the impending disaster of our country and our children's future going broke into the ultimate "sound byte" - 140 characters.

Here's a few tweets for you:

"The US is broke."

"The government can't afford all that free stuff you want."

"None of our leaders is even remotely addressing our country's impending bankruptcy."

"We are going into debt to buy your diapers, gas and formula."

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