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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tough Thinking = Physical Pain: Does it Impact Voting?

There are some interesting reports out about mathematics.

It has been shown that in some cases the anticipation of doing complex mathematics (not  your 2 + 2 type of problems) can actually cause physical pain.

Its not doing the math that causes the problem but the anticipation of it.

The mathematics study was developed after those who conducted it reviewed a report that showed in some cases people felt physical pain in the face of social rejection.

Imagine this: as a child, for example, you are excluded from a family or school event for some reason - you're too small, too young, etc. - and as a result you feel physical pain.

You have to wonder how far this extends...???

What if a truck full of live fish overturns killing the fish?  Does someone feel actual pain on behalf of the fish? (This actually happens - see this about a similar incident in California.)

This explains a lot when you think about it.

I know people who are this way - they literally imagine their way into misery over what they think might happen.  Not over what does happen and not over actual evidence.

Of course on the other side there are people who don't feel as much, very little or nothing at all about involvement in social situations.

I suppose too that some people feel pleasure over mathematics problems.

In another area we now are faced with a critical criminal and social crisis: false tweets.

Yes, indeed, though its not even possible to imagine apparently not all people tweet the truth!

There is an article here.  The genesis was some idiot who tweeted about the NYSE being under three feet of water and the governor being taken to a secure shelter during hurricane Sandy.

The reaction was "OMG! False tweeting during a crisis!"

Its apparently associated crying "Fire!" in a crowded theater.

I wonder who's going to police this?

And what about the "re-tweeters?"

In the case of the NYSE tweets various news sources repeated them (re-tweeted).

Of course, the information on twitter is free - so I suppose its "worth what you pay for it..."

I suspect that tweeting is tied in with how people feel about things, such as math as I wrote above.

Nice happy tweets make you feel good.

Unpleasant ones (or ones that require your brain to actually work as it does with a math problem) probably hurt.

I suppose like the "depression hurt's" ads on TV a while back.

Which makes you wonder even on the political front:  Do people who's head's hurt with hard problems face them or run away?

What kind of problem solvers will you find - those who's head hurts when hard problem or those who's head's don't?

This is rather scary.

Would an electorate filled with those who's head's hurt with "hard problems" be able to vote for "hard solutions" without pain?

What about political tweets that make your head hurt?  Literally...

Do you run away from them or hone in on them?

Do you want people who's head's hurt from hard problems in charge of hard problems?

It also explains why "hard news" that is thought provoking turns so many away:  it literally makes their heads hurt.

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