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Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Ignorance of One....

This quote really says it all....
Yesterday I posted a link to a Jimmy Kimmel video interviewing people who talked about the election as if it happened the night before it actually did.

This is not the only example of outrageous voter irresponsibility.

For example, a while back Howard Stern posted these interviews with black voters.

Bill Maher did interviews with poor white Mississippi voters as well.

Then there are these interviews with "Obama voters."

What's troubling in each case are those people who have zero knowledge of our political system.

How is it that they are "voting?"

Voting involves making an informed "choice" between multiple people in an election.

If you don't know what those people stand for or what office they are running for how can you in good conscience"vote?"

The answer is you can't.

You can guess - like a multiple choice question which you know nothing about.

And while you are, by the constitution entitled to simply guess in the voting booth you really have to ask yourself if that's a good think for all the other voters out there who are informed.

Does guessing in the voting booth really mean exercising your rights?

Or is it diminishing the value of all the rest of the votes?

You can be told who to pick - as is the case where someone who is otherwise apolitical acts based on encouragement from others looking to influence them.

This is even worse.

The person who votes for someone because someone else tells him to is further diminishing the value of a vote.

If I find someone weak-minded and cajole them into, say giving me money or sex, I would be considered taking "advantage" of that person.

But somehow cajoling a weak-minded person to vote for who you think they should is considered noble.

Further, by telling someone who to vote for rather than giving them facts in order that they can make their own, informed decision, is an even more basic violation - its true deception.

You can vote your own personal best interest - picking someone who will do good for you as opposed to good for all.

This is the saddest case of all: steering society toward the goal of "you" - not your children, not your elderly parents or neighbors, not anyone else but you.

This is simply selfish and wrong.

When the US Constitution was written only "stakeholders" in society could vote - those with land.  As time went on (say by 1850 or so) most white men could vote (though many states allowed blacks to vote as well).

Today anyone can vote - including dead people.

The videos above show what kind of "stake holders" our society values today.

People should ask themselves this:  Would I check random boxes off on my tax return or make random answers (or answers someone gives me) at a drivers test?

If the answer is no then you might want to consider becoming more informed when voting.

Its little wonder our debt is 100% of our GDP and we are falling on hard times.

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