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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Real Zombie Dogs: (Not for the Squeemish)

I am posting this for Halloween.

If it reminds you of a Frankenstein movie don't be surprised.  Its basically the same thing except that A) its real and B) the Soviets (CCCP) got quiet far in their experiments with live animals.  (If you think its not real visit this site, download the PDF and go to page 1141 and read the last line of text).

According to the video the technology displayed formed the basis for blood transfusions used in the war.

Things were different in the 1940's.  You can read more about similarly disturbing things here.

On the one hand all of this is obviously quite disturbing and cruel.  On the other many, many people alive today would not be if it weren't for this line of experimentation.

These videos are real so don't watch it if disturbing videos involving animals will trouble you in any way.

Part I

Part II

More disturbing reality here.

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