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Thursday, September 27, 2012

School Lunch Changes: Too Little, Too Late

I've read a number of articles on school lunch changes.  Basically the old Coke, fried chicken nuggets, fries and some twinkees are out and healthy fare like fruit, vegetables, and so on are replacing them along with calorie limits and curbs on various other things.

The kiddies are not happy according to US Today.

Sadly these dietary changes are the least of the kiddies problems.   And, while the US Government is attempting to change things for the better its more than likely too little too late.

These changes were spawned by the obesity hue and cry - the kiddies eating too much processed sugar and carbs.

But unless there is an across-the-board change in their diet they will simply find what they crave elsewhere.

As I am coming to understand things the real problem is that all the processed food served today is basically nutritionally valueless.

Calories and nothing actually nourishing: no proper vitamins and minerals.

So your body craves more and more in an attempt to consume something helpful nutrition-wise.

The oils (mostly soybean but many others as well) used to make it are bad for you (GMO made) and screw up you ability to have normal sugar levels in your system.

The meats and dairy products are stuffed with antibiotics and hormones.

The problem is actually the kiddies (as well as their moms and dads for the most part) are addicted to junk food quite literally.

Their bodies so polluted with crap that unless they are eating the bad foods they are used to eating they feel dissatisfied.

Hence the YouTube protests and "black market" twinkees.

My how things have changed since the early 1970's when I was in highschool.

Back then they made actual meals with honest-to-God local food.  You could eat as much as you liked.

There were no soda machines and only a single candy bar machine which was rarely used.

There was no food when you arrived or after you left - only food for lunch.

Food made by actual human cooks right there at the school in a regular sort of kitchen.

Lunch cost something like a quarter or fifty cents.  You could eat as many as you purchased.

Today I think the diabetic shock of what kids eat would kill me.

Sadly I would estimate that some 80% or more of today's health problems: obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and on and on are all caused by what we eat.

Healthy foreigners who come to the US have drastic changes for the worse within a year after coming here.

While I applaud the US Government's effort to push a decent meal for school lunch I think far more drastic changes are in order for success.

I am quite certain no one has the balls to make the needed changes.

Given a rational diet the calorie limits shown at the front of the video are quite reasonable but depend on what else the kiddies are eating during the day: school breakfast and dinner for example.

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