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Friday, September 21, 2012

Posting on Facebook = Accessory to a Crime

A hostage situation in downtown Pittsburgh, PA USA has just ended.  Single alleged perp in a private downtown office building.  Swat team, streets cleared for blocks.

During the turmoil the alleged perp posted several messages on Facebook (see this Reuters article).

According to the Reuters article:

"Several people responded to Thaxton on Facebook saying they were praying for him and encouraging him to cooperate with police.

But others urged him to continue his standoff, Harper said. Police were monitoring those Facebook messages and those people could face criminal charges as accessories, he said."

So what does the underlined part mean?

Commenting on Facebook may make you an accessory to a crime.

What happened to free speech?

What if the man had been previously robbed by his victim, or his child injured?

Would commenting still be a crime?

Perhaps the police should sweep the bystanders for sympathizers and arrest them?

Little wonder Facebook stock is in the toilet.

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