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Friday, August 17, 2012

The Lone Wolf Philosophy of Health (Part II)

The Lone Wolf Philosophy of Health (Part II):

So aside from "getting your mind right" what else do you need to be concerned about in a nutritional sense?

Below I have listed a number of general categories and the issues with each.

Iodine - Iodine is a necessary nutrient which probably 95% of the people in the US do not get enough of.  I believe the minimum RDA is way too low.

See these posts: "A Short Iodine Story" and "Wherefore Art Thou, Oh Iodine?" - You can follow the "iodine" tag on the second story to more related stories and posts.

Providine Iodine is the the only 100% effective killer of MRSA.

Suggest to a modern medical practitioner anything about iodine and they will look at you as if you have two heads.

Candida - Most people have problems with yeast and Candida is a common form of yeast that infects all parts of the human body.  Not only is yeast a problem with women who take penicillin but its also common in adults and children of both sexes. 

Yeast in humans are typically controlled by bacteria that consume them.  However, today's medical practices focus on "cleanliness" and "bacteria free" to the point where good bacteria are killed off and leave the yeast to run rampant.

See the post "Antibiotics - A Scourge on Humanity."  Antibiotics kill your internal gut flora (bacteria) which account for a huge percentage of your immune system and control yeast inside you.

The bottom line is typically most humans have out of control yeast problems because of antibiotics and too much cleanliness.

Gut Flora - About 20 pounds of body weight in an average adult is bacteria - mostly in your gut.  There's a lot of research that tells us that gut bacteria are symbiotic with your body in terms of your immune system and your digestion.

Some 80% of your immune system resides in your gut in the form of bacteria.

These bacteria are indiscriminately killed by antibiotics along with whatever else they are supposed to kill.  Further, once destroyed they cannot be "reloaded" into your body without substantial effort (basically taking proper supplements or via a "fecal transplant" - see this "Fecal Transplant, er, I mean Bacteriotherapy.")

Inflammation - Many modern things, including diet, cause inflammation in your digestive tract and arteries.  Heart attacks and plaque buildup are the result of inflammation, not "cholesterol" as you see commonly advertised on TV.

See "Cholesterol, Heart Disease and Magical Thinking."

Cholesterol is a necessary element in the operation of your body and brain.  When you do not have enough of it in your diet you and your brain don't function properly.

See "Lower Cholesterol = Memory Loss."  The point of this post is that lowering your cholesterol by the standard medical means is basically making you stupid and not addressing inflammation in your body.

There are numerous things to be done about this: proper supplementation (I like Cod Liver Oil - see "ADHD and a Spoon Full of Sugar" and Vitamin C) chief among them.

There is a lot of research on this - much of which says that things like "cholesterol lowering" medications are very, very bad for you - Google is your friend here.

See "Death by Conventional Medical Wisdom" and "Obesity - Its What's for Dinner."

Obesity - Modern Americans eat the Standard American Diet (SAD).  Healthy people from other cultures and parts of the world come to the US and they get sick.  This is well documented.

See the post "Live Long and Prosper" where I describe how poor rural Mexican's that come to the US for work end up dying from the diet they eat here and that they are actually better off being poor rural Mexican's health-wise that members of US society.

The food pyramid is basically something developed initially to fatten hogs for market.

Much of the problem here is what we eat and what effect it has on our body.

See "What is Your Colon Transit Time."  Some 90% of all disease are thought to be related to improper functioning of the digestive system.

My personal feeling is that you have to eat mostly fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts and no processed flour, sugar, etc.  You must not eat artificial sweeteners, processed oils, etc.

There is another whole area of this related to the types of oils used in modern America (see "Genetic Engineering - It's What's for Dinner").  Many believe that the use of various cooking oils like canola, corn, vegetable, etc. are a significant part of the health problems today.  You should only be using "good" oils like coconut and olive - and then not "burning" them.

Just try and find a food with oil that does not use genetically modified "Round Up Ready" soybean oil.

Now your diet varies by your individual situation and your genetics as I see it - based on your heritage your body may require more of one thing and less of another for example.

The bottom line is that when you are eating right you will lose weight, become more healthy, and your gastrointestinal function will correct itself.  You will eat more, feel better and your food will digest properly. Once this is all "right" you will reach digestive (or "poo") nirvana and your digestive system will work just like the dogs.

(Note that dogs typically don't suffer the same diseases we do and typically have proper digestive functioning.)

Vitamins - Most people I think need a vitamin supplement.  But often they take the wrong thing or too much of the wrong things.  Without proper vitamins the systems in your body will not work right.

You also have to do research on what the right amounts are.

My belief is that the minimum RDA for vitamin C, as an example, was set as the minimum amount to prevent scurvy.

But is that enough?

I think no.  Just because you don't have visible symptoms of scurvy does not mean you have enough vitamin C.

Gingivitis, for example, is basically a sub-clinical (does not show all the symptoms) case of scurvy.

You can buy all the toothpaste in the world and its not going to fix the problem unless you have a proper dose of vitamin C.

Similarly vitamin D is necessary for proper gastrointestinal function.

Normally its produced in your skin by converting sunlight and cholesterol.  (Take sunlight away due to skin cancer and cholesterol because its "bad" for you and critical nutrients needed to run your digestive system vanish from your body.)

Diabetes - This is a general label for two completely different problems.

Type 1 is a genetic problem where your body does not produce insulin. 

Type 2 - which is prevalent today - is related to the fact that your cells become insulin resistant.

See "Type 2 is Not Diabetes..."

Today doctors can barely tell the difference between the two (see this post).

My view is Type 2 diabetes is caused by SAD and you.  If you change what and how you eat it will go away.  Its an "industrial" disease related to the industrialization of food processing in America.

Medications -  Today medications are provided for virtually any complaint - from physical pain to mental issues.  Most of these are bad and designed to profit the company making them.

Just read the side effects list of any medication your doctor prescribes - they are all bad.

And medications interact.  Take medication A and your eyes dry out.  Take B with A so your eyes dry out and your bowels no longer work.  Take A, B, and C so all three work and your mouth is dry and your are sleepy all the time...

This is no way to live.

Medications in the US medical system treat symptoms - not root causes.

Think about it - if you took a pill and the disease went away where would the money be for the manufacturer of the pill or the doctor.

You want to think about your body as a system that works together.  Like a car if you put cheap gas in you get poor results.  Put cheap food in your mouth and you will see the same.

Medications are not a substitute for eating the right food.


This is a lot of material and a lot of it is scary stuff.

We as American's are killing ourselves with our diet, medical system and lifestyle.  (I am not saying all medicine is "bad" - just that much of it is not designed to solve the problem.)

The good news is that it can be fixed though it takes time to retrain your mind and body.

One hundred years ago these problems did not exist because people at a far more natural diet.  But as the culture became more industrialized so do the preparation of food.  And short cuts were taken.

My advice is to find a Naturapathy Doctor who an advise you on diet. 

I personally found my own path but it took many years - though I learned a lot in the process.

There is more than this to the story but my fingers are tired...d

I have tried to put down enough to at least get people started.  There are many wonderful sites on the internet and I am by no means the only person that thinks this way.

Most of my posts have links to other posts and you can always use Google.

I guess most important of all is deciding that you are unhappy with your current scenario.

If you like where you are at then more power too you.  But if you feel you're not where you should be then do some research.  There are numerous books, magazines, blogs, etc.

For me I feel about fifteen years younger than I did...

Your best bet is a practitioner that can help you get started.  But don't just take what they say at face value.  If they recommend supplements, for example, Google them to find out what they are and what they do. 

Empower yourself.

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