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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Defeating Sinus Problems

A few weeks ago I wrote "Oil of Oregano."

I had tried it to clear a stubborn sinus problem flushing wouldn't clear and it worked out quite well.

Recently the little grand kiddies, who work at a bio-weapons incubator site called "Day Care," brought me a nice new summer cold.

Now for me the standard "cold" life cycle (without direct treatment) usually works like this:

- A day or two of sinus "drip" in the back of my throat foretelling the future misery.

- Followed by waking up with a "scratchy throat" that lasts for a morning or so.

- The "scratchy throat" is usually followed by some "sniffles."

- After a day or so the sniffles turn into sneezing and a runny nose.  Usually this is accompanied by for me by all forms of sinus misery: plugged sinus, difficulty breathing with my nose, the feeling of being clogged, eustation tube problem, ears not popping, and so on.

- Usually two to four days into the main "cold" the misery tries to migrate down into my upper chest as a cough.

- The sinus/nose problems start to clear (but never finish) at this point but I am left with a painful cough for a couple of days.

- Everything clears but the sinuses which remain plugged for up to several months (or until the next cold).

I take 2g of vitamin C per day and I use sinus flushing as soon as I feel the "drip" state begin.

Doing this reduces (but not eliminates) most of the major problems and eliminates most of the lingering sinus issues.

Much of my history with this is described in "Sinus Flushing with Beerzoids" (follow the label "Sinus Bioweapons" at the bottom for follow-on posts).

Sinus flushing is a tremendous tool for eliminating most of the problems.

However, in my case at least, I think I have a deformed sinus cavity (it runs in the family) so clearing everything this way never quite works 100%.  The problems are reduced to manageable levels but never eliminated.

So this cold I added a new strategy to the "flushing" model (I flush 2-3 times per day - for sure right before bed time).

Twice a day I take 2 50mg Oil of Oregano tablets - two at lunch, two in the evening starting at the onset of the scratchy throat phase.

I also added an additional 2g of vitamin C in the evening for the first few days after the "scratchy throat" developed.

What I noticed is that after a day and half the cold seemed to "break" - that is instead of having a runny nose and misery that goes on it started to "heal up" after only 36 hours or so.

I also noticed that with the vitamin C it created period of virtually "no symptoms" during the day.

This was accompanied by very productive (all the infected material came right out) sessions of blowing my nose.  Usually with a cold I can blow my nose over and over but it always feels like something is "stuck" and not clearing.  With the addition of the Oil of Oregano each blow is very productive and seems to clear a lot from my sinuses.

In addition the coughing life cycle was dramatically weakened (given it was already weakened by the flushing).

While not fully cleared at this point today I am excited that the addition of Oil of Oregano really puts a significant "dent" in what the cold does.

Oil of Oregano is not expensive and seems so far to be very effective addition to sinus flushing.

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