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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Reality without Absolute Truth

Barking Mad? From the Telegraph link below...
Several years ago I wrote about how most (between four in five to nineteen in twenty) scientific medical studies are false in one way or another.

To be clear to those with modern educations: cannot be reproduced, contain catastrophic errors invalidating their conclusions, used too small a sample size, etc.

Here is Stanford, the university in California, saying the same thing in 2005.

One imagines these problems have been occurring for some time in order for someone to start publishing articles and studies about them.

You might question: is this false?

I doubt it.

I wrote about this topic because I was in search of an explanation as to why so many young people (say 18-40) were so dumb.  Unable to write sentences, unable to follow a logical sequence, unable to separate what they'd been told from reality.

As time has progressed the truth about what's going on has become even more frightening.

It seems as if "object reality" has simply been banished from college campuses.

Need a good job, fake a study.

Need to get tenure, whip up some "gender nonsense" and turn it into "science."

Someone shows up to speak you don't like?  Chant "go home," beat them up and riot out front.

As far as "objective reality" is concerned (based on studies and experience) the academic world has gone totally off the rails.

So much so that parents are now starting to question the "value" of college (see this).

(I wrote how highly skilled machinists were making $55,000/year here.  Many pipe welders on commercial gas lines in their twenties pull in $200K or more a year.)

So much is "academia" pushed on little Suzy and Johnny that no one enters trades any more: no electricians, no plumbers, no drywall finishers, no laborers.

(Mike Rowe of the TV show "Dirty Jobs" has been saying this for years.  Get a trade!  No need to go into debt up to your eyeballs for college - especially if it teaches you nothing real or useful.)

More interesting - no one very few today with a "college education" would appear be able to do these things, i.e., fix wiring or plumbing.

So the point of this is as follows:

If this is where "medical science" is in terms of "objective reality" where do you think things like the Humanities is at?

Inventing things like "cis gender privileges":


From the link immediately above:

21. Being able to purchase shoes that fit your gender expression without having to order them in special sizes or asking someone to custom-make them.


Shoe size?

All the shoe vendors in China should start making size 24 pumps?

Gender is old science (from back in the days when there actual was science involved) - invented by the ancient ones who actually subscribed to the original scientific method.

It has to do with chromosomes and such (see this if you're confused).

I live with a lot of animals, seems pretty clear to them what gender is about, how it works, and so on.

In any case this is what you, the parent, is paying for in acedemia: gender confusion.

If medical science is a one in twenty accuracy rate what rate of "accuracy" do you think the "accuracy" (if there even is such a thing, for kind of "gender science?") is in "soft" sciences like the humanities, psychology, "gender" studies...?

My guess is not very high.

After all, it seems to be about what you "think" and not what "is"...

So how does one determine if what you "think" is indeed "correct?"


Actually, absolute morality.

(See this post:

The short version is this.  If no one tells the gospel truth then all scientific results are suspect.  Since there is no easy way to determine if one is telling the truth short of duplicating the experiment absolute truth is should be used.

Given what we are experiencing today as "failed science" its pretty clear that there is no longer any sort of absolute truth in science.

Without absolute truths there is "reality" because no one can agree on what's actually real.

So everyone simply "thinks" what's real and it is.

(See the image above:

Which is where we live today...

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