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Monday, November 14, 2016

Dear President Elect Trump...

I am writing to you a citizen concerned with what our government is doing to the health of millions of smokers.

About six year ago my wife, who smoked for more than forty (40!) years, became a vaper.

(I am going to assume you must know at least one person who does this.  If not its not hard to find examples... Your children most likely have peers who vape.)

The principle is simple: replace "tobacco combustion" with propylene glycol and flavoring to deliver nicotine to the human body.

Tar from combustion is what causes the myriad of medical problems associated with smoking.

This is what the Royal College of Physicians in the UK has to say:

Propylene glycol is used in a myriad of inhalation situations and has been accepted by OSHA as safe for a workplace environment.

On its own, without help from the government, these products have converted many millions of smokers to vapers in the US over the last five years.

Medical evidence continues to accumulate showing that vaping is some 95% safer than smoking.

(Mr. Pence did not support vaping in Indiana.  I hope that this is an oversight.  If not and he believes that vaping is truly harmful please ask him to do further research or I will be glad to provide information.  There is much information in this blog - as well as many, many others - that shows how vaping dramatically improves public health.

If he has had family die from tobacco-related cancer please understand my in-laws both died of smoking-related cancers.  I now feel that my wife will not because of her success with vaping.)

As vaping began to succeed the Obama administration's Center for Tobacco Products, created in 2009, created "deeming regulations" to treat vaping as if it were tobacco; in truth to slow down its adoption under the guise of "its harming children."

(Nicotine is a chemical compound found in many foods, not just the tobacco is a plant.  I believe its only addictive if you have a genetic predisposition for it.  I could not addict myself to nicotine while vaping.)

These new regulations are design to destroy the nascent vaping industry (comprised of thousands of independent shops) that server the millions of non-smoking US vapers today.

In addition, many states, following the FDA, are adding insane (40% and up) "vaping taxes" around the country.

Tobacco tax revenue has tanked and state governments are now having to pay directly from their general funds on their "tobacco bonds" from the 1990's "Master Settlement Agreement" due to the success of vaping (as well as other limits on tobacco products).

What will make our country great again is letting small business and consumers determine how to eliminate their addiction to smoking.

The only rule we would ask for is, of course, sell no vaping product to those under eighteen (which is already true in, I believe, all fifty states).

In 2010 nearly everyone in my family smoked "combustion cigarettes."

Today no one does.

And the FDA has and is jeopardizing this.

You can change this!

Please speak with Senator Burr of North Carolina on the HELP committee (  He has publicly questioned both the FDA and CDC on the wisdom of this in hearings over the last few years.

Unfortunately most smokers supported Hillary...  This has created a problem within the "vaping community" which prevents people from accepting that voting for President Obama and Hillary are the reason we have these regulatory problems in the first place; much as the liberal press prevented the Hillary supporters from seeing your opportunity for success.

I hold the Hillary supporting smokers no ill will and wish to save their lives as well.

(I do no smoke and never have but I vaped nicotine for a year without any ill effects or addiction.)

Most smokers want to quit (as did my wife).

This is the first technology that actually worked and now its being taken away.

Vaping worked so well we invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in shops only to be thwarted by the FDA and Pennsylvania tax authorities.

The taxes and regulations are crushing us and our business!

At its peak our shops served 2,000 customers.

I have contacted Newt Gingrich's office as well on this matter with the hope that someone will hear me.

If you are interested in saving some of the 440,000 people that die each year please contact me and I will be happy to provide more information online or in person at your convenience.

Thank You
The Lone Wolf
todd "at" sythodeon "dot" com

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