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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Darwin's Cliff

You see a lot of articles like this floating around these days.  I find these fascinating.

The "millennials" cry about "having no money," about making everyone else miserable because there are already "too many unwanted kids," about already being "too fucked up."

Quite honestly, this is all a good thing.

You see "millennials" are living up to exactly what their prophet (or perhaps more accurately "profit" if you consider their education and corresponding loans as gods) Darwin was talking about.

They are evolutionary dead ends.

In Darwin's world it is clear that "no reproduction" = "no offspring to carry on your genes."

Hence no children to teach "listen, little Johnny, you were a mistake and I am castrating you [at least mentally] so that you can't reproduce..."

While I am not a fan of the "millennial" modern educational "Darwin as God" model of thinking there are still some good points to consider.

Those that actually do reproduce (consider Ivanka Trump as an example) will carry the future of humanity; not millennials.

And this would be all for the reasons listed in the article linked at the top.

The concept of being too self absorbed to reproduce is really quite interesting.   (Generally millennials are so over run by the constant stream of "sex" coming out of their iPhones or are simply confused by the abdication of women from their traditional evolutionary role.)

Basically the sexual de-evolution of humanity in general.

Consider dogs, as an example.  The alpha's mate.  The rest wish they could but don't, slyly do so behind the back of the alpha, or leave the pack.

You never see dogs sitting around staring at the sky or the beautiful scenery, do you?  Playing video games when alpha she is in heat?


As a species they collectively "get it."  Reproduce or die out.  So they reproduce.

But "millennials" either aren't that smart (as dogs or frogs or even bacteria) or are (or have been) simple "castrated" by their environment (see Sharks on Birth Control), or perhaps a combination of both.

But wait, isn't the "pill" a boon to women and civilization?

Yes, but perhaps not in the way the original feminists foresaw...  (For the millennials in the audience: The pill is a very effective Darwinian tool for eliminating those with the feminist or millennial perspective from the gene pool.)

This is all now so "the norm" that someone who even remembers what humanity was like forty or fifty years ago is simple so "out of touch" that they don't matter.

Quite honestly, the only really comparable animal model would the the imagined life of lemmings - rushing off the cliff in a group (see the old 1984 Apple ad).  (Not that lemmings really do this but its a popular cultural icon.)

So all the traditional folk can really do is "duck..."

Smart women know that the right man will eventually move up the ladder.  The man, on the other hand, sexually satisfied will do his job and feed, cloth and protect his family.

In the mean time "the rest of us" can simply let the sexually confused run headlong off Darwin's cliff.

(Another interesting aspect of this is the "modern" educational system that teaches you to never have children and worship Darwin...  Really makes you wonder that "education" is all about.)

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