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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Comparison of NRT Inhalation Products with Vaping

It seems pretty clear after thinking about this and studying the various FDA links that the argument about "GRAS is not for inhalation" is bogus.

Clearly things like sucralose, edetate disodium, and polysorbate 80 were likely never intended to be inhaled.

Yet here they are...

I was unable to find any "studies" or commentary on the inhalation of these products.

edetate disodium is known to kill people in certain situations.  You can find this right on the FDA's website.

I have thought about doing this for the NRT gum's and patches but what would be the point?

Organic e-liquids using only VG (glycerol) and natural flavors (with or without nicotine) would appear to have nothing to be concerned about (nicotine is after all a natural plant product).

Even with the involvement of flavors and PG its hard to imagine anything to be worried about.

Worst as I see it the various other trace components of the NRT products probably reflect about as much objective danger as diacytel or acetyl propionyl.  After all no one knows what happens if you inhale too much edetate disodium.

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