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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Now to Defeat a Stingray...

Find Tower - By Giacomo Balli
I've been following discussions of "stringrays" for years (for example this).

The idea is that you create a mini cell phone tower that you can put in a car or van that's controlled by law enforcement.

You drive around until it picks up a phone you have a warrant for.

Your phone picks up the "fake" tower and uses it for your calls.  (Since its in a van or car they can drive around after you.) After collecting data they you use it to dump out the actual call audio, text, or other data that the device.

Criminals cannot detect this kind of device is being used because their phones don't disclose what tower is being used.  So when the law sets up a new one you don't know.

Your phone uses it automatically because A) they can prioritize its use over your regular tower (conjecture) and B) because, as they say, they've got your number).

So you go down...

So I am searching around for apps and I find a site (and app) like or apps like Find Tower (iOS) and Signal Finder (Android) and link up their data so that when new towers appear you get a notification...


While I understand the need for law enforcement its troubling that you don't have knowledge or control over what a device you buy does on your behalf.

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