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Monday, March 19, 2012

Updates: Diet, MegaUpload, Fukushima

MegaUpload - New Zealand's high court has ruled the seizure order used to capture Mr. Dotcom's assets "null and void."

Apparently the prosecutors, when applying for the original seizure order in January, made a number of mistakes and applied for the wrong type of seizure order (one that did not all Mr. Dotcom or Megaupload the chance to mount a defense).

Justice Judith Potter said that prosecutors "reapplied" for a new, correct order and added to it items seized.

The question now is whether or not the "procedural error" will result in Mr. Dotcom's assets being returned.

More interesting still is, that according to this at TorrentFreak: “Guess what – we found a large number of Mega accounts from US Government officials including the Department of Justice and the US Senate.”

“I hope we will soon have permission to give them and the rest of our users access to their files,” Mr. Dotcom told TorrentFreak.

So here is the US government, the puppet of Hollywood's copyright lawyers, themselves using MegaUpload to store what, backups of Department of Justice hard drives?  Mr. Dotcom and MegaUpload subpoenas? Porn (we know they watch the the SEC)?  Sort of like the police raiding the police chief's favorite brothel...

But we all know better - its not the government - its just the people that work there...

Fukushima - According to this WSJ article it turns out, no surprise, that Japan's planning for significant nuclear disaster has fallen far short - not only at the top levels of government but also at the lowest. (The planning in Japan is considered to be advanced in this regard because of their geography and because of the number of nukes in use.)  For one, the various tests used by the government to declare products grown in the various areas around Fukushima do not make consumers feel safe (see this Business Week article).

Even though the government declares that, for example, produce from regions near the plant are safe to consume guess what - no one want's to.  The produce remains on the shelves.

Secondly, as research continues by the government into just how prepared each city and town around nuclear plants is in terms of disaster recovery its been discovered that there is virtually no planning for any significant Fukushima-like disaster.

For example, no notification system to alert people of disaster in a town of 80,000.  The discovery that should everyone get such a notice there are not enough roads to allow everyone to evacuate.

As I wrote in "US Nukes and US Geographic Faults" there is plenty of opportunity for disaster in the US.  And of course we all know that "government planning" has been conducted at all levels of city, state and national government to ensure our safety in case of an earthquake.

Diet and why "Low Cholesterol" is very bad...  - As I have reported here I have dramatically improved my health with a number of changes in my lifestyle - iodine supplements and sinus flushing among them.  But I have also found that cod liver oil has dramatically improved my brain function.  I first wrote about this in 2010 in "Lower Cholesterol = Memory Loss".  This led me on my own Cod Liver Oil adventure of research described in "ADHD & A Spoon Full of Sugar."

After writing the first article I began to think about the fact that it was well documented that low cholesterol diets were making people stupid.  After all, according to many sites like this your brain requires a diverse source of certain types of fats and oils to function correctly.  Yet somehow this is not what people are told on TV or by their doctors.

This is not a new idea.  Back as a kid I recall a number of science fiction stories based on the premise that man was rendered "stupid" by various things - its been too many years to find the stories or authors but I still recall them.  I think that we are living this out today.

The lack of fat in people's diets (and that's only specific good kinds of fat like butter, coconut oil and so forth as described in the link above) is decreasing their mental facilities significantly.

My cod liver journey started about a year and a half ago (December, 2010).  Since then Mrs. Wolf has added coconut oil to our diet as well.  I no longer worry about cholesterol at all.

(Now I don't eat any sort of "processed food" - no chips, crackers, or that sort of thing from a box or bag - as the oils in those are very bad.  Ditto for soybean oil - Monsanto has a virtual lock on this with the genetically modified soybeans and virtually 100% of oil in any commercial product is from those plants.)

So far my research indicates that my ability to focus, multi-task and remember have all dramatically improved.

For example -

- I no longer "forget" where I put things.  This, I thought, was simply a sign of aging - where's my keys, that sort of thing.  No more.

- I don't "forget to do things."  I used to struggle to remember to do routine, repeat things like take the garbage out on a certain day.  I used to struggle to recall things from meeting or to remember to call people.  No more.

- My ability to focus has increased substantially.  I used to "wear out" after a short period when, for example, working on coding projects.  Now I can focus so long I get uncomfortable from not moving.

- Mrs. Wolf claims I am less "autistic" - more gregarious and less sulking and sullen.

- My planning horizon is wider - I can integrate and plan across multiple activities much better than before.  I can do that while I do other things.

- While jogging my thinking is clearer - even under the heavy physical strain of going up hill on the widow maker.

- I dream more vividly.

All this leads me to believe that we are literally choking off our ability to think as a nation and people.  We apply this to our children's diets as well - which I now consider to be the worst form of child abuse.  Literally starving a young child's brain of the nutrients needed for them to grow into intelligent adults.

Iodine plays a role, I think, in prostate health.  In this regard I feel better than I have in many decades.  Yet no one is even researching this as far as I can tell.  My thought: prostate cancer is the result of malnutrition - particularly iodine deficiency.

I don't plan on living forever but now, with my dietary changes, at least I am living far better than I was - and with a much clearer head.

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