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Monday, February 20, 2012

A Delightfully Appetizing Lunch

I wrote this morning in my last post about the epidemic of stupid plaguing our country.

Sadly, I forgot the mention the wonderful new wave of social manners that have come a long for the ride.

Today I was at a local mall for a business meeting.  We sat in the food court along with probably several hundred other people.

As we were discussing our project my associate gasped and mentioned something about a "shitty diaper."  He turned away.  Since we were having what amounted to a complex IT design discussion I was not sure what he was talking about or why he looked ill.

"Behind you," he said.

As I turned around I saw a mother changing her infants (well, actually, probably a one year old) diaper on the table in the food court.

I did not witness the contents of the diaper but my associate apparently did.

Now I don't get out to the mall much but this is apparently a new aspect of modern social behavior I am unfamiliar with.

As you can see this involved a full change of a diaper - right there on the table - a table that I considered sitting at prior to the seat I actually selected.  Had I arrived a hour later I suppose our meeting would be, well, er, would involve excrement.

This woman looks quite focused on her task.

Of course, the restrooms are perhaps 100 feet away - to far, I suppose, to walk too.  And when I personally checked the restroom (because I did not see fit to relieve myself at the table) there was a modern family restroom available (no doubt with a changing table).

Modern cellphones are wondrous things as far as cameras are concerned - though in this case it only serves to amplify my belief that the very social fabric of our country is coming apart.

My guess is that this will become the norm soon enough.

Fortunately for me I don't go to the mall much...

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