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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Big Knobs and Tristan Shone

Tristan Shone has taken the idea of a "one man band" to a whole new level.  He designs musical gear and plays it live as a one man bad: "Author and Punisher."

From the looks of Tristan will be changing the world of "midi control" for the next century.  This guy has created some really cool, interesting and unusual types of midi controllers.

The Author site above has a lot of info on his equipment, tour, techniques, travels, and so on.

A lot of performance technology is for sale on the site - big Knobs among them - basically a rotary midi encoder.

Check it out...

Tristan Shone, Author&Punisher (LIVE-> 2008-2009 Highlight Reel) from Tristan Shone on Vimeo

The music is basically metal.

Here is "Drone Machines"

The device in the foreground is a drumming unit.  As you pull it back and forth it hits the drums.  There is a set of buttons on the hand grip that controls what drums and cymbals are hit on each pull.

There is a bit about Tristan and how he created these tools...

Some more performance video...

There is a good article on Tristan here at Wired along with some excellent video...

I have to say I really like a guy who can combine a bellows and midi control.

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