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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Epic Debt Fail (II) with Felonious Monk

So our wonderful government has not apparently been able to reach a "Debt Deal" (WSJ article here).

Rappers, along with just about everyone else, apparently understand that this is unacceptable (parental advisory - explicit content below).

There is an interesting interview with this guy located here.

I guess its nice that at least someone is complaining about the current US governments unrestricted use of debt.

So if even this "Felonious Monk" guy gets it why don't our leaders?

(Apparently this is not his web site: so don't waste your time there if you don't agree with his video or my post...)

I wrote about the governments debt follies back in April in my post "Epic Debt Fail".

As Felonious says "its time to put away your check book" US Government.  Actually he singles out Obama for this but that's unfair.  Its a systemic problem in the government - not just Obama.  The entire government must vote to borrow money - Obama cannot do it on his own.

And as I wrote in "Debtor's Banquet" its a true sign of an addiction when, faced with insurmountable debt and foreclosure, you continue to spend.  I had a relative that one time called up and needed help with a tax payment.

I said "send me the return and the other stuff and I will write the check to the IRS and mail it."

The materials never arrived and the relative lost their house do to gambling debts.

Now we have legal "triggers" telling the government that the bank is shutting off the credit cards... yet still we spend, spend, spend...

There is no word for our government representatives save for "losers."

If you love helping others and think the government should do it - great.  Should the government be acting like an irresponsible crack whore in the process?  No.

If you think the government should just be responsible there will be no joy in Mudville tonight, either.

As a responsible man I have to say that this kind of failure is not something you see everyday.  Fifteen trillion dollars in debt and we keep on spending.

Who do we owe this fifteen trillion too?



Countries in the middle east.

What about our children?  Why is borrowing money from these countries more important than their future?

What do we owe them?

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