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Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Finale (Part III)

So once the curved elements are completed we can add on the platform.

The back of the Korg as you can see from the image has a number of connectors and things in a group on the back.  The Q25 is just a bit wider than this connector group.

I figured that two "C" hooks would work on each side of the connector group and give the platform plenty of stability.  Once I had two decent "C"'s completed I made a check to be sure that they wouldn't hit anything else, like feet on the bottom.  In the end there is just room to either side of the connector group for the "C"'s.

The next step was to attach the "C"'s to the Korg and figure out where the top piece would go.  After figuring the top piece position I marked both "C"'s and cut them to the exact same lengths.  Next I modeled two triangular pieces to fit on the "C".

The triangular pieces would lock into the top piece.  The top piece would have a lip which would fit over the face of the Korg and hold the entire thing in place.

Figuring this out took some work.  At first I wasn't sure if the top piece would extend out over the Korg's face or would remain essentially flush.  I also had to make sure that the top piece wouldn't obstruct anything important - like a knob or indicator light.

In the end I came up with this:

The triangular part sits on top and creates a kind of level platform on the top of the SV-1.

Due to slight differences in how the wood bending went I had to take the time to align and trim the two triangles down to match exactly.  The "C"'s were not quite the same and without that step the platform would not be level.

Next I created the top piece.  For this I used a piece of hardwood plywood about 7" by 16" - large enough to provide some room on either side of the "C".  I cut two slots in the bottom to hold the top of the triangles.  I measured this in place on the Korg to get the positioning right.  I then attached two small wooden blocks to hold the top piece against the face of the Korg.

Here the top piece is sitting on a platform for finishing. 

Once this was completed I did a test fit.  That complete I did the finishing.

For things that get frequent use and handling I like tung oil (oil from the tung tree Vernicia fordii) and marine varnish.  Usually I thin out the tung oil and apply multiple coats over several days.  Once that's dry I apply multiple coats of varnish.

The finished pieces came out like this (pre-varnishing):

Attaching them works as follows (very simple) - attach the "C"'s:

Next attach the base plate (note the wood blocks on the front are out of the way of anything important on the face of the Korg):

All that was left at this point was to add the Q25:

The Q25 sits nice and tight against the stop of the Korg.  It also fits quite tight and doesn't rock or move when played.

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  1. Great solution! I wish there was an easier way to make a formed strip though.