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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sing Sing...

No, no, not the maximum security prison north of NYC in what is now Ossinging, NY.

Sing Sing is a dueling piano bar down in the Waterfront area of Homestead, PA under the old "Homestead high-level" bridge.

They have an open mic there on Wednesday nights (8PM - 12PM) and I went down to check it out this evening.

Its a really neat place for an open mic and well run.  There's a nice stage setup with dual grand pianos, a bar and a very nice sound system.

How often do you see that at an open mic?

It shares a kitchen with Rock Bottom - good sea food and various beers from their in-house brewery.

Karl Bailey runs it, plays piano there and runs the open mic.

I was personally surprised I had never heard of the place (its been there ten years!) until I found an add for the open mic on craigslist about a month ago.  Actually, its hard to believe the Waterfront is that old.  Last time I was down there was with my Egyptian friends (see "Single Serving") about five or six years ago...

At any rate check it out!

At some point Mrs. Wolf and I will have to go there to check out the dueling piano show (it runs Thurs through Sat and you need reservations): I am sure she can smell the seafood already...
Here I am at the Gateway Inn...

(Last Wednesday I went to an open mic out on Route 8 in Gibsonia run by Jess Sides of the Denmon Sides Project.  This runs every other Wednesday.  While not as fancy a place as Sing Sing Jess runs a good open stage as well at the Gateway Inn staring at 9 PMThe next one should be the 9th of November.

The Gateway Inn is located at the intersection of 910 and Route 8.

You can find Jess on Facebook.

And don't forget Mike's Open Mic on Thursday's at Mike's New Moon Saloon from 8PM to 12 Midnight every week.)

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