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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Your Child's iPhone is a Tobacco Product

My picture is at the left - taken today.  I am holding my "PrimusZ" - a bluetooth controlled ENDS (FDA definition of a vape) device.  There are many posts on this blog about the PRIMUSz.  It has been in product available for sale for a while (years) and is and has been available for sale in a number of local vape shops.  There is ample documentation of this fact.

Here is an example post.

(NOTE: as mentioned relative to the PrimusZ is no longer operational.  However the website (and I suppose all the free software Microsoft and Google and Go Daddy use to run things like that) is also a tobacco product.)

This device works with both Android (older versions) as well as iOS.  There is also support for Mac OSX and Windows.  There are links to free GNU software as well used for on this device.

(There are other bluetooth mods around from Chinese companies, Smok I think makes or made one, for example.  They mostly worked on Android devices.)

Here is the page taken today from the very same iPhone;s App Store (search "GRX 1.0 Controller):

The app, is of course, free.  In addition to being a tobacco product it (the app) also powers anything that uses the GRX 1.0 controller.

But the app alone can't power your vape.  It requires the additional iOS software and an iPhone.

Hence they are all TOBACCO PRODUCTS.

I have posted on this in the past.

In case there is any doubt see this recent video (taken at 17:30 from the full video at the bottom of the blog).

(NOTE: Software is explicitly mentioned.  Also, all the parts and chips inside are now tobacco products too...  Wifi controllers, ARM processors, bluetooth tech, touch screens...)

So in case there was every any doubt this video makes things crystal clear.

To paraphrase (she is talking about zero-nic eliquid but the same rules apply here because, obviously, the PrimusZ contains no nicotine and is not made out of tobacco): "If your product is intended to be use for the human consumption of a tobacco product, to alter the characteristics or performance of the constituents of a tobacco product [e-liquid] then it would be a component or part and WOULD BE REGULATED."

This clearly includes iOS 9.3.5 and all prior version and I suppose all future versions.

So if your little Suzy or Johnny has an iPhone in their hands (or a computer of just about any kind save for an ancient mainframe) they would be holding a tobacco product.

Thus if they were in school with said device they would be VIOLATING THE LAW.

If they had their iPhone on a plane hey would be VIOLATING THE LAW.

Full video here (excerpt above at 17:30 or so):


  1. Well, this is idiocracy at it's finest folks...can i delete the internet now? Thanks for the utter non-sense i just spent life on.

    1. It's factually accurate, as the FDA regulations on ENDS and vapor products (which went into effect on August 8th) actually do include language that, if taken to their logical extremes, would classify every computer, smartphone, battery, cotton ball, facial cleansing cotton, some baking supplies, THE INTERNET (were we'd get firmware upgrades), as well as a host of other things as tobacco products.

  2. I am regarding this as a somewhat satirical piece like something from The Onion? If so, good job. If this is an actual attempt at an "expose" then it is comical!