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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

Mrs. Wolf's new costume...
This year Mrs. Wolf and I attended various Halloween work-related functions for which costumes were required.

Mrs. Wolf is always clever about finding an interesting costumes.  This year was no exception.  The costumes she found were both unusual and fun.  The Witch costume (at the upper right) was not her usual choice but in the end it worked out.  Particularly because of the broom that came with it.  We had a little trouble working out just how to set it up but once we had that figured out it was a lot of fun.

The broom was quite well behaved and didn't cause any trouble all night.  Usually when you get hold of that sort of thing there are various worries about liability and damage.  But everything worked out quite well.

Video of the broom at home before we left:

Now clearly she has the hang of using this thing.

While we were waiting to leave Mrs. Wolf and I went off to do some evening whale watching on one of her yachts.  This time she had on her Little Red Riding Hood/Big Bad Wolf costume:

 I snapped this picture out on the boat while she was watching the whales and evening sky:

After a while she got bored and fell asleep for a while so I headed back to my office in Paris to clean up a few loose ends until the party started.  I picked up a new camera from Loot.  This will send pictures right up to youtube directly.  You just point, shoot, and upload.

Here's a test movie:

Finally we got our selves organized and out the door together.

Our friend has a mansion up on a hill overlooking the sea - it was our first stop.  There's a light house and its up on a high, rocky cliff.

She and a friend are out zooming around the outside of the house:

We met up with a number of our globe-trotting friends and had a nice time.  I got tired early and went to bed.

Mrs. Wolf was able to enjoy our friends company well into the evening.

(While this is all in fun you never know who might come across your social networking "fun" and whether or not you might become seriously involved in some business deal - see this WSJ article.)

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